Optical Illusion Plates

Funky Optical Illusion Plates

Check out these crazy optical illusion plates. Be sure to scroll down to see more choices.

Optical Illusion Dinner PlateOptical Illusion Dinner PlateCan you imagine hosting a party where an entire table is set with optical illusion dishes … especially if all your guests are drinking! These original designs are ideal when you like to mix and match your table setting pieces. Consider using a different patterned plate for each person.

Here’s another idea, select a different geometric pattern in a different color for each plate. Give your plate setting a name like fine china has given names. As an example, you can call your black and white optical illusion setting ‘Beetlejuice’, a purple-themed optical illusion set ‘Purple People Eaters’. You get the picture. Have fun coming up with your own names.

Add original items for each setting. Make the non-matching pieces a theme for each person at the table.

Here are some awesome wild and crazy Optical Illusion Plates to choose from:

Optical Illusion Rainbow Porcelain PlateOptical Illusion Rainbow Porcelain PlateOptical Illusion Plate - Multicolor SwirlOptical Illusion Plate – Multicolor SwirlBlack and White Diamonds Dinner PlateBlack and White Diamonds Dinner PlateGreen emerald and curves, under grating nickel dinner plateGreen emerald and curves, under grating nickel dinner plateOptical Illusion Checkers PlateOptical Illusion Checkers PlateOptical Illusion Red Porcelain PlateOptical Illusion Red Porcelain PlateOptical Illusion Aqua Porcelain PlateOptical Illusion Aqua Porcelain PlateKinetic Art Studio PlateKinetic Art Studio Plate


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  1. Now these optical illusion plates would be great for a party! And yes, a variety would give new meaning to “pass the plate!” as everyone would want to experience each design.


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