Area Rug for a Dark Room

Area rugs for a Dark Colored Room

Choosing an area rug for a dark room depends on what parts are dark and why it is dark. Are the walls and furnishings dark, or is the lighting quite dim? Product Page Here – or View Products Below 1. Dark Walls, Drapes & Furnishings When your main decor is darker, you’ll want to brighten … Read more

Area Rugs that Look Like Tile

Rugs that Look Like Tiles

When you want the tile-look but don’t actually want tile, area rugs that look like tiles are viable solutions. A stone-themed decorating look doesn’t need to be compromised when adding warmth. However, rugs with a tiled appearance can be used for multiple purposes. Check out the suggested uses below. Rugs that look like other aspects … Read more

Tables with a Bench Seat – Flexible Seating for Modern or Rustic Decor

Bench Table Sets

When you add tables with a bench seat to your eating area, you’re generally doing so to save space. There’s also a country appeal to tables with a bench seat. They’ll fit into essentially any rustic or farmhouse decorating theme. Product Page Here – Or View Products Below Reasons to Consider a Table Set Featuring … Read more