Funky Astrology Wine Glasses

Zodiac Wine Glass Charms – Another Alternative Need a Fun Set of Wine Glasses for a Party? Get Astrology Wine Glasses Imagine a house party or gathering where everyone gets a wine glass based on their zodiac sign. You can use this concept for many special occasions; bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, summer barbeques, … Read more

Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Original Ways You Can Give Money as a Gift

Don’t Just Hand Cash in a Card, Check Out these Creative Ways to Give Money Whether it’s for our children or grandchildren, giving money as a gift can seem small in size. Putting cash in an envelope is certainly generous and nice to receive, but it lacks creativity, and once that envelope is open the … Read more

Halloween Chair Covers

Fun Halloween Chair Covers

Halloween Chair Covers – Party Decorations & Room Decor An Unconventional Decorating Idea for Halloween – Cover the Chairs in Your Kitchen, Dining, or Front Porch with Halloween Chair Covers When we decorate for a holiday or special occasion, we tend to use items that we ‘put up’, however, you can also cover furniture with … Read more

Funk & Inspiration with A Kindred Hearts Light Box – Makes a Very Original Gift that You Can Keep Adding onto as Well!

Kindred Hearts LightBox

Jada Venia 10.25”x8.75” Black Light BoxIf you’re looking for a creative and artsy way to feature quotes in the home, a Kindred Hearts Light Box is a beautiful mixture of inspirational words and lovely accent lighting. I like to think of them as a variation on my own teaching tool called, ‘Mom’s Visual Tweets’. I’ve … Read more