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Funky Gemini Home Decor for the Twins

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GEMINI – May 21 to June 20 (The Twins)

People may have a hard time figuring you out because they never really know which face of the twin they’re going to get.

View Product Page Here – Or See Them Below – Be sure to check out Gemini’s colors and lucky numbers outlined below before decorating so you can include them as part of the decorating theme

However, your quick wit and ability to talk your way around and through anything is your strength. You can tap dance in situations that most people wouldn’t dare! You have mastered the art of conversation and justification; you could teach this subject.

Oh, but you are wickedly charming, and anyone who isn’t ready for your charm won’t know what hit them! You’ll probably woo them with your eyes, like a snake? Ok, a good snake. You’re difficult to snag, though; it’s almost as though you’re purposefully hard to know in specific ways. Yes, YOU can be a mystery to others.

Anyone wanting to be with you better get ready for how easily bored you can become with too much of the same thing!

Your significant other best be independent because being needy won’t serve them well in your relationship. Your generous nature and giving heart will compensate for a lot, and even the needy will appreciate this side of you and love it.

However, your suitable match is a strong, fun, independent soul who looks to you as a partner in life rather than someone who needs you to take care of them, but you’re capable of taking care of those you love when that connection is the right connection.

LUCKY NUMBER: #5 and #6


PLANET: Mercury

BODY AREA: Hands, Arms, Shoulders


COLORS: Green, Yellow and Orange

Ok, ENOUGH about How Wonderful You Are! Time for Suggested Gemini Home Decor Ideas

The fun part about using your zodiac sign as a theme for a room’s decor is the never-ending supply of items and ideas you can use to fill a room.

Don’t just use typical items, such as the actual Twin Symbol and description of the sign. Instead, incorporate other aspects of the sign as outlined above, such as the number, the element, the planet, body area, birthstone, and colors.

Here’s an example of some of the angles you can use when creating a Gemini themed room:

  1. Use the ‘Air’ aspect of your sign as the central part of the theme. Combine items that reflect air into your space: Photos of windy trees, calming atmospheres, maybe a large print of yourself standing outside with your arms wide open to the sunny blue sky, with a smile of peacefulness on your face – there are so many aspects of ‘Air’ that you could center a room around – How about Tornadoes and Storms?
  2. Whatever you decide, use green, yellow, and orange as the focus colors – If you’re not a fan of green or yellow, then how about the clear neutral color of ‘Pearl.’ You could also pick one of the colors and include the others via accessories.
  3. Incorporate things that relate to the Head, Arms, or Shoulders – How about symbols of hugs or brainpower, or go wild and include a body sculpture of your head, arms, and shoulders! (how’s that for a conversation piece)
  4. Your number is 6 – hmm …. maybe skip three 6’s – but go ahead and feature things that relate to the number 6 – ‘like half a dozen of anything; pillows, small photos, six flowers, or highlight a big number 6 on your wall.
  5. Your planet is Mercury – that’s easy to include – include a model of Mercury on your table, photos of it on the wall, or anything hot because Mercury is hot hot hot! And since you are, too, it only makes sense.

Below You’ll Find Suggested Products that Could Work in Your Gemini Home Decor Design based on All Aspects of Gemini – Your colors are green, yellow, and orange:

Note: Many places online show Gemini with various start and end dates. However, if your birthday falls on the first day or last day, you’re on the cusp and more than likely carry traits from the previous or following sign.

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