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Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Why Move When You Can Just Funk’N Love it with Funk’N Color!

Yep, That’s Me!

Hey There! I’m Barbara Cipak, Owner of ‘Funk This House.’ Some of you may know me as ‘Brite-Ideas’; when you see an article in search with ‘brite-ideas’ in the title, congratulations, you may have tripped on my stuff!

So Why ‘FUNK This HOUSE’?

With over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, home decor, and design have been a part of me, much like this laptop!

BUT  FunkThisHouse is NOT home decor in the TRADITIONAL sense of what you’ve been told to do when getting ready to sell your house!

No, no, no, you won’t find any practical advice from me about neutralizing your home’s colors or simplifying your furnishings to enhance a smaller space. Nope, not here.

…. This site is to help you explore your wild side with some Funk’n’color in YOur Funk’N house….

So when you’re tempted to say F*** This House maybe you’ll Funk it instead!

Better yet, try this first before you make the final choice to sell…

You’ve come to the right place if you’re not afraid of color! You’ll find mountains of suggestions regarding Area Rugs, Bedding, Wall Graphics, and anything else where interest, fun, and color collide.

Ok, it’s fair to say you may see the odd cream-colored items featured, but you can bet-your-bippy something funky or bright will be suggested somewhere on the page to punch it up!

So Have fun and funk up your life!


1. Who Owns Funkthishouse.com? – Just ‘lil ole me, the lady in the photo, Barbara Tremblay Cipak – It was a natural transition from the Real Estate World of neutral decor to the wild and funky world of color color color! If you’re completely bored and want to read my full resume, then go for it. Here it is on LinkedIn

2. Are the Products Featured Here Your Own? – No, I’m Affiliated with the Companies who sell them. Although I have a few products I’ve created, you’ll see a few of them here under ‘Barbs Designs,’ but most are still on my Zazzle Stores: Original Quotes, Good Riddles, and of course, Funkthishouse.

3. Does Funkthishouse Handle, Ship, and Accept Payments for Products Here? No. As indicated in question number 2, I’m an Affiliate. I suggest and refer to companies I have an established Affiliated relationship with. As the companies are selective, so am I. I choose relationships with businesses carefully, sometimes changing them and adding more when I feel it’s advantageous to you, the consumer.

4. What about Product Returns and Payment on Products: None of that is handled or tracked here. The Affiliated Companies handle those matters, including returns, payment processing, shipping, and all product questions. I am not privy to any personal sales details from the Affiliated Companies other than the fact that there was a sale and which product it was.

5. What if I Have a Problem with Any Product? – You have to contact the company you ordered the product through directly as I (Funkthishouse) am not privy to any of your personal information, nor will any details ever be released to me.

6. I Clicked on a Product that said ‘Not Available,’ or it’s No Longer There; What’s with That? – That sucks. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, manufacturers sell out of their items or change their product links. Unfortunately, there’s no way for Funkthishouse (me) to find out about manufacturer changes until page modifications take place. Don’t be shy; pop me a note below if something you’re looking for is out of stock or not available, and I’ll try to track it down for you. I can’t promise I’ll find it, but I’ll try for you.

7. So What do You Do if You Just Refer Products from Companies? – Well, I hope to save you time, precious time! Shopping online for what we want can suck hours out of our day, so FunkThisHouse is your place to find fun, creative, funky, and interesting products. I’m on the lookout for you and always adding new things and changing old ones!

8. Why Would I Shop at FunkThisHouse? What! Now that hurts. If you’re looking for funky, fun, original products, why wouldn’t you? After all, I’m bringing what I find here just for you! Finding funky products is a passion, and I love to feature them here for you.

9. How Do You Make Money? – I earn a small commission from the Affiliated Company Relationships I’ve established when a product is purchased via a lead-in from my website. I also earn a little bit from Advertisements on my site.

10. Do You Have Ad Space for Sale? – Not at this time; however, selling Ad Space to outside companies and small businesses is something I may consider down the road.

11. Do You Own Any Other Sites? – I also own ‘The Heart of Country Music – Drageda.com‘. It’s a country music site to help you find the right song with the right words for that special occasion or mood. I also own and am the creator of the website Stumpedriddles.com. I’ve written multiple riddle and Wordsearch books – and there’s more on the way. You can view my Author Page here on Amazon.

12. Do You Write for Any Other Sites? –  Yes, I do! I’m the Sunday Blogger for ReviewThisReviews. Also, I was formerly the Country Music Contributor for Squidoo before they sold their business to Hubpages. You can still find some of my articles there.

13. Who Designed and Built Your Website? – Thanks for asking, I did.

14. Are You on Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter? – Yep, just like most of the planet, you’ll find me there – here you go: Twitter, PinterestFacebook

So, just in case you need more information, here are the Terms of Service/Policy & Cookies Page – I know you’re anxious to read it.

If you have questions, pop me an email at funkthishouse@gmail.com.

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7 thoughts on “About Funk This House”

  1. Eyepopping, interesting and fun to read! Love the tips for spicing up your house with some pops of color. I’m looking forward to the long term for this site, gonna be fabulous!

  2. This will be so much fun! We just bought a new house and we have a completely blank canvas to work with. We started in the kitchen and painted the walls black cherry with a periwinkle trim. I’ll be looking for more funky ways to decorate my abode. Thank you!

    • Coletta, the realtor in me is always stressing neutral(ish) but that artsy side wants a ton of color! If color is what you love, I say go for color! – we can always neutralize our colors when we sell

  3. It really is amazing how giving a room a bit of lift with color, can change the whole overall appearance and make you feel like you are in a new home.

    I know I am going to enjoy all of your Brite-ideas :)

    • Cynthia, thank you, I remember going through lovely colorful homes in those real estate days feeling rather heartbroken that the owners would have to neutralize their color choices to get it ready to sell


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