A Phone Booth Storage Cabinet will get Them Talking!

Telehone Booth Cabinets for the Home

D-ART COLLECTION Big London Telephone Booth Full view of the featured Funky Phone Booth Storage Cabinet When it comes to Funk, this one ranks up there as one of the most Funk ‘N Creative ways to store CD’s or DVDs. But heck you can use this to store anything you want! How about books? Maybe … Read more

Funky Astrology Wine Glasses

Zodiac Wine Glass Charms – Another Alternative Need a Fun Set of Wine Glasses for a Party? Get Astrology Wine Glasses Imagine a house party or gathering where everyone gets a wine glass based on their zodiac sign. You can use this concept for many special occasions; bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, summer barbeques, … Read more

Funk & Inspiration with A Kindred Hearts Light Box – Makes a Very Original Gift that You Can Keep Adding onto as Well!

Kindred Hearts LightBox

Jada Venia 10.25”x8.75” Black Light BoxIf you’re looking for a creative and artsy way to feature quotes in the home, a Kindred Hearts Light Box is a beautiful mixture of inspirational words and lovely accent lighting. I like to think of them as a variation on my own teaching tool called, ‘Mom’s Visual Tweets’. I’ve … Read more

Funky Clean the Floor Slippers for the Whole Family

Clean the Floor Slippers

Warm Your Feet and Clean the Floor with Clean the  Floor Slippers! Ok, it’s not funky home decor, but it’s the funkiest way to clean your floors! Clean the Floor Slippers are perfect when you’re too busy to do basic housework tasks, like sweeping! Not everyone has heard of Cleaning Slippers…which makes them a unique … Read more