Gemini Symbol Art – The Chatty Twins

Gemini Wall Art

Gemini Symbol Art, Prints & History The Gemini constellation is one of the more easily recognizable in the heavens. Dating back to prehistory, the symbol of Gemini represents two stick figures said to represent the Roman number “two”. This was the Spartan symbol for twin gods. Hence, we know this symbol as the sign of … Read moreGemini Symbol Art – The Chatty Twins

Funky Astrology Wine Glasses

Astrology Wine Glasses

Zodiac Wine Glass Charms – Another Alternative Need a Fun Set of Wine Glasses for a Party? Get Astrology Wine Glasses Imagine a house party or gathering where everyone gets a wine glass based on their zodiac sign. You can use this concept for many special occasions; bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, summer barbeques, … Read moreFunky Astrology Wine Glasses

Cancer Astrology Home Decor

Cancer Astrology Home Decor

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd (The Crab) You’re a sensitive one. You carefully evaluate what people say to you and may even be on the lookout for perceived insults, or rather, you tend to double check that you haven’t been insulted. You are a homebody and very much like ‘nesting’. You’re probably a … Read moreCancer Astrology Home Decor

Leo Home Decor – Decorate Using Your Zodiac Sign as the Theme

Leo Home Decor

3D Lion Drapes by AJWALLPAPERSWith Leo Home Decor as the basis for your room’s theme, you’re letting everyone know who you are as they enter… LEO – July 23rd to August 22nd (The Lion) – You’re full of sunshine and hope. You tend to look on the bright side of life and once you’ve made … Read moreLeo Home Decor – Decorate Using Your Zodiac Sign as the Theme