Virgo Home Decor – A Room for the Virgin

Virgo Home Decor

Virgo – August 23rd to September 22nd (The Virgin) Oh yes, carry the torch ‘sexy as hell’ because you are! You can’t help it either. Product Page HereĀ – Or View Products Below You’re also picky and critical, but that’s because you tend to be a perfectionist. Your attention to detail is noticeable. You like things … Read more

Capricorn Home Decor – A Personalized Room for the Responsible One

Capricorn Home Decor

Capricorn, you have the excellent quality of hard work. Putting in a full day’s work isn’t drudgery to you, but if it happens to be from time to time, you’re still dedicated and determined to make your contribution and get ‘er done. Your ambitious nature is combined with a determined mind, and in your heart, … Read more