Gemini Symbol Art – The Chatty Twins

Gemini Wall Art

Gemini Symbol Art, Prints & History The Gemini constellation is one of the more easily recognizable in the heavens. Dating back to prehistory, the symbol of Gemini represents two stick figures said to represent the Roman number “two”. This was the Spartan symbol for twin gods. Hence, we know this symbol as the sign of … Read moreGemini Symbol Art – The Chatty Twins

Funky Gemini Home Decor for the Twins

Gemini Home Decor Items

EVALH Comforter Winter Quilt Keep Warm Thickening Cotton Quilts with Gemini Pattern , Full GEMINI – May 21 to June 20th (The Twins) People may have a hard time figuring you out; that’s because they never really know which face of the twin they’re going to get! However your quick wit and ability to talk … Read moreFunky Gemini Home Decor for the Twins