Area Rugs for Oddly Shaped Rooms

Area Rugs for Odd Shaped Rooms – Solving a Difficult Design

Odd Shaped Room Rug Choices

When you’re working with an oddly shaped room, it can be challenging to position furnishings and rugs strategically.

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The questions you’ll want to consider are quite basic, such as, should the rug be placed under the furniture legs, in the center, in front of just one piece, or closer to a door or window.

Rugs come in multiple shapes and sizes. If the area rugs for odd shaped rooms featured below aren’t to your liking, there’s an entire section on funky area rugs here.

Only you know the shape of your room and what you have to solve. The simple approach is often the correct approach:

  1. Narrow rooms need narrow rugs.
  2. Small rooms can work with a small rug in the center, or use a large rug that covers the entire floor.
  3. If the room is entirely irregular, go with an oddly shaped rug to blend with the non-traditional shape.
  4. L-shaped rooms may require two rugs for both areas.
  5. When a room is too oddly shaped, try to focus on a piece of furniture. Place a rug under a table, in front of the couch, under an end-table or in front of a dresser or bed.
  6. With large open spaces, you can use area rugs to define a space. As an example, place a rug with a chair, and a bookcase and comfortable seating to create a designated reading area or place a rug off to one side to highlight a TV/media spot.
  7. Use differently shaped rugs in huge open areas to create a distinct room divider. Just be sure the carpets are not too close together, and they are separated from each other by distance and furniture.
  8. Create a walkway area in a large open room by using a rug that leads the way where people should walk to get in and out of the room.

Go ahead and use non-traditional looks in a non-traditional room. Check these out:

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