Funk’N Organized with a Wrapping Paper Storage System

Use the Plant Stand Idea to Hold Your More Frequently Used Items and a More Sophisticated Wrapping Paper Storage System to Hold the Whole Kit-and-Kaboodle


Storing wrapping paper, and staying organized with all of the accessories that come along with wrapping gifts can be an ongoing challenge

Let’s face it, we try a particular system, and without even realizing it, we out grow it. This year I’m tackling the storage cupboard with multiple sections of organized chaos, and plan to sort my mountains of birthday wrap, Christmas wrap, bows, bags, tape, ribbons…and the list goes on…into two compartments; one for birthdays and other other special occasions, and one for Christmas.

I’ve actually tried this in the past, but the two categories seem to overlap into each others area! So this year I’ve found this lovely wrapping paper storage system! And I’ll get two of them!

There are numerous ways to organize and store those rolls of paper, however, I do like the idea of sliding it under a bed, as this one is meant to do. Because beds come in so many heights from the floor,  be sure there’s enough clearance to put it there.

You can find other ways to organize of course; you’ll notice that you can also put a hanging sort on the back of a door, or use a craft roll rack.

What I have found is that no matter the system you elect to use, it’s a bit inconvenient to be hauling it in and out every time you need to wrap gifts during the holiday seasons. So I’ve come up with my own daily-system-idea and featured it below in the photograph for you to see.

I had an extra plant stand, and used that to place the current rolls of Christmas wrap that I’m using. In the front of the rolls, I put the frequently used accessories in a little storage bag (for items such as tape, scissors and tags). That way, when I’m in the mood to wrap, I simply reach for what I need from that pretty stand.

Plant Stand as a Wrapping Paper System

There are several ways to store paper, here are a few more systems to choose from:

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  1. Barbara, these are some terrific wrapping paper storage ideas! I started using some tall wrapping paper storage containers (Rubbermaid, I think) that have ribbon storage in a compartment in the lid, and they’re awesome. I’d love to use one of the hanging organizers you’ve shown except that I’d need about eight of them, LOL!

    • funkthishouse says:

      Margaret, lol at needing 8 of the hanging ones! I’ll have to keep my eye out for a more practical solution for you!

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