Why Rearranging Your Furniture is a Good Idea

Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture from Time to Time

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If your furniture has been in the same place for decades, it’s time to move it around. The answers to why you should rearrange your furniture are numerous.

1. That Urge to Sell Your Home and Move Is Saying You Need a Change

If you’ve ever experienced the urge to move, especially as spring approaches, that feeling is telling you to change things up. Before jumping into selling or buying or both, think about how expensive it is to move.

It’s not just money; it’s time, cleaning, and possibly even renovations. Remember, moving is a life-changing decision. So, start with where you would if you were about to sell your home, cleaning it. While cleaning, consider each room, or just one, and how you could rearrange the furniture to give it a fresh, inviting facelift.

2. You Get the Opportunity to Clean Items and Areas Thoroughly

How often do you pull out the furniture to vacuum behind? Because some pieces are just too heavy, probably rarely. When you decide to rearrange your furniture, you’re also opening the door to thoroughly cleaning areas you wouldn’t usually get to; under beds, behind bulky furnishings, in the china cabinet, polishing the silver, shelves, cupboards, bookcases. You get the picture; your room will be spotless and inviting.

3. Unused Rooms Get a Practical Re-do and Become Usable Space

Why you should rearrange your furniture once in a while

These days, maximum use of space is critical, especially if you live in a condo or smaller home. Today’s family structures and needs vary wildly and are continually changing. Consider converting your rarely used living room into a usable space you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’d prefer a media room, music room, office or library. If that’s the case, do it. You deserve to enjoy your home and have it reflect your lifestyle. Or change that living room around to give it a fresh new look. That alone will draw people into using it.

4. Flip a Living Room Dining Room Combination

Who says the living room has to be the living room? If your family has no use for a particular place, switch it up. Get rid of the living room, and use that space for something else.

We have a living-dining room combination and recently altered the design. The living room is the dining room, and the dining room is a clean office area. It’s pretty and uncluttered, just the way we prefer things. Our living room rarely gets used, but the dining room table does. Think about your family, friends, and visitors, then go ahead and make those changes.

5. Re-vamp a Traditional Floor Plan

Use a family room for a game room, use a living room as an office, or forget the dining room and turn it into a spare room or play area.

Whatever you want to do, do it! We’ve spent years doing this. When our second son was little, we converted the dining room off the kitchen to a lovely and safe playroom for him. We gated off the entryways, so we could see him while he played when we were cooking in the kitchen. He loved it. We’ve also converted a family room to an office and later to a dining room. Yep, it can get a little addicting.

6. The End Result Will Give You a Sense of Accomplishment

Taking on a room re-shuffle is a lot of work, but the reward is a great sense of satisfaction. Psychology Today provides a more in-depth analysis as to why this is. Your home will feel different to you, and your family members will love the change. Sit in your finished project with a cup of tea or glass of wine and soak in your hard work. It’s a great feeling.

If you need ideas, check out these living room arrangements.

Be Safe When You Move Furniture

If you can’t move the furniture, don’t. Get someone to help or do it for you. Don’t risk injury!

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture from Time to Time”

  1. Terrific ideas. It’s like giving your house or individual rooms a facelift! Many years ago in our first house we had a practically square living room and not a lot of furniture (newlyweds starting out). Therefore, all the furniture fit on any of the 4 walls. So, I “rearranged” frequently. Hubby used to ‘look’ before sitting in his favorite chair just in case it wasn’t where he last left it…. LOL.

  2. I truly love the idea of rearranging the furniture in your home and then falling in love with your house all over again. It sure beats moving!


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