What Does Purple Represent in Home Decor

Your Love or Lack of Love for the Color Purple Has Meaning When Decorating

When decorating, our tendency is to either decorate in object themes, emotion themes, or color themes.

As an example, your child’s room may be decorated based on their favorite movie character, your bedroom may be decorated based on ‘Love’ for your spouse and your relationship, and other rooms may be designed solely around a specific color.

Whether you’re decorating with object or emotion themes they’re always based on ‘color’. A love theme for a bedroom may have shades of red in it, and your child’s movie themed room may focus on one or two colors you’ve pulled from the movie characters themselves. So without realizing it, no matter how you’ve decorated your room, you’ve based it on color in one way or another.

The bottom line is, no matter how you decorate, color is vibration.

Color represents energy and that energy creates a mood, a reflection, an impression, a feeling, and ultimately a psychological impact to all who enter a space. Bet you didn’t think it mattered that much!

So, What Does Purple Represent in Home Decor

Whether you’re into understanding Purple as it relates to Feng Shui or you’re more interested in knowing the basic psychology behind the color the purple, remember one thing, if you don’t like the color purple don’t decorate with it. Your intention and belief is stronger than any meaning.

If you’ve ever doubted the power of color, think about businesses, big and small, and how they effectively and with planned intention, design their stores, foyers, shops, aisles and product layouts using color as a marketing tool.  Everything we see has color. Our mood, whether we know it or not, is affected by color. Color is used to elicit a specific reaction, it’s that simple.

You and Purple:

Purple Represents Nobility, Spirituality, Calmness, Abundance & Dignity

If your intention is to create a space that reflects the above attributes, purple works. In fact in Feng Shui purple is a color to use when decorating The Wealth Corner of your home or bedroom. You have a spiritual side that may or may not be based in religion. The point is you believe in a higher energy or power and you are intent on doing what you can to encourage good in society. You’re a seeker and a believer in the ‘meaning of life’.

Purple Represents Individuality, a Free Spirit, a Desire to Stand Out

You’ve never enjoyed being part of the crowd. You’ve rarely done something the way ‘the majority’ does. You sing and dance to your own tune and relish in that individual spirit. When someone walks into a room you’ve decorated you want them to see something unique, non-conforming …. almost brave. You’re excited about a decor that causes a few jaws to drop as they admire your creative spirit.

Purple Represents Your Desire to Achieve, You Aim High, You’re Intuitive, A Visionary

When you can’t get it done yourself, you delegate. Your drive to succeed in life is for the good of others, not at the expense of them. Having others complete the tasks you can’t or won’t do, doesn’t bother you .. in fact you don’t mind sharing in the glory.

The Marketing Brand Personality of Purple

If you’re wondering what Purple means in Brand Marketing, here are the general conceptions of the color for business: Purple tends to be used to enhance the impression that something is Upper-Class or Sophisticated. It evokes a charming side and is typically a color preferred by women.

If Purple Sounds Like You – Go For It!

But remember, if you hate purple, don’t do it! Your intention and emotions are everything, as are your beliefs, so don’t go against your intuition – by the way, excellent intuition is attributed to purple.

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  1. omorris2014 says:

    I love purple, but in this case, I think I would use it in moderation. Still love it though.

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