Custom Walk-in Kitchen Pantries

Jaw Dropping Walk-In Pantries – The Pros and Cons to Having a Pantry

If you’ve seen kitchen walk-in pantries on HGTV or on various cooking shows, you know what an elaborate pantry is all about.

A walk-in pantry doesn’t just have to have shelves. Some of these first class designs are mini-kitchens for small appliances along with food storage. Some have a work station along with a sink. If you prefer all your pots and pans organized in one place, designate space in the pantry for them.

The Benefits to Walk-in Pantries

You can be better organized – It gives you a chance to lay things out in a way that works for your baking and cooking style

They help you de-clutter your main kitchen area

Your main kitchen area counters can stay clear for food prep

If your kitchen doesn’t have upper cabinets, a pantry gives you extra storage space

Your storage system becomes visible to the entire family and thus there’s a greater chance things will stay organized

They’re an attractive re-sale feature

Open shelves in a kitchen pantry allow you to view all your supplies

Viewing all your supplies in open shelves enables you to visually see what you’re getting low on

If large enough you can even use it for dishware

It gives you added space for patio or outdoor dishware

The Negatives to Walk-in Pantries

You may need a ladder or stool system to reach the upper shelves

It could take up square footage that you would prefer using in the actual kitchen

It’s more up-keep and cleaning to maintain an efficient pantry

You may be tempted to spend more money on food items to fill the shelves

The initial planning and set-up could take time to organize

Consider the added expense: Electrical, venting, doors, cupboards, drawers, supplies

You could end up buying bulk items you don’t use enough just because you have the space

You may be tempted to buy unnecessary counter appliances you really don’t need

Added Bonus of a Walk-in Pantry

If you’re the sort of person who despises photos and paper clutter all over your kitchen fridge or walls, you can design your pantry with a wall or space to accommodate these items. It could be the central place everyone in the family checks for notes, calendar items, and mail.

In Summary

When we think about walk-in pantries we tend to think of all the positives, however as outlined above, it may not work for your lifestyle and needs … but we can dream about these incredible pantries anyway.

2 thoughts on “Jaw Dropping Walk-In Pantries – The Pros and Cons to Having a Pantry”

  1. Our kitchen is tiny, so unfortunately one of these gorgeous pantries isn’t in our future. But having one of those large, dramatic kitchens with a big, beautiful pantry (maybe designed by Jonathan Scott) is definitely one of my fantasies!

    • Margaret, completely understandable with a small space, my own kitchen needs a remodel and an expansion and yep, would love to plan one of these pantry designs into the footprint!

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