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Fun Virgo Compatibility Analysis with Every Other Astrological Sign – How Do You Fit with Your Significant Other?

Virgos, you have a lot of magnificent traits; Observant, Sympathetic, Organized, Kind, Witty, Efficient, Analytical, Reliable, Intelligent…oh yes, and there’s more.

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It’s said that a Virgo Man can be controlling but is very devoted, almost with a sense of duty, to his family. Generally speaking, he likes to protect and lead in his relationships.

A Virgo Woman is said to have courage in her relationships. When she knows, believes, and feels that real love is returned to her, she will give 200%; however, if her man has proven otherwise, she can cut him out of her life and fast become as cold as a Polar Bear rolling in a snowbank.

Think about the Virgos in your life, and after reading this through, you can decide if any of this fun information applies! Of course, it’s all meant in fun, although many of us are quite surprised at just how accurate astrology can be, especially full readings where more information about your time and place of birth are provided! Are you with your real Soul Mate? Are you compatible emotionally and mentally?

By the way, this whole page is for fun, so don’t judge your entire relationship in a paragraph! Think of it as a ‘glimpse’ or a summary of personality traits!

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Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility

Both Are ‘Earth Elements’

Both of these signs, with their feet firmly planted on the ground, appreciate the beauty of commitment in a long term relationship.

Virgo’s desire to serve and Capricorn’s desire to achieve can be a binding force for this couple. However, Virgo needs to remember not to pull out the judgment card on Capricorn too often, as this may stir things up more than Virgo anticipates.

Capricorn needs to remember that their bossy nature can hurt or anger sensitive Virgo. However, Virgo can use their knack of knowing how and when to relax to help and teach Capricorn how to unwind effectively. There’s nothing that cures bossiness more than a day of rest at the beach!

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Elements: Aquarians ‘Air’ and Virgo ‘Earth’

These two may require an effort to stay together. Airy Aquarius doesn’t like to be locked into a routine while ‘earthy’ Virgo prefers structure and planning.

Aquarians can be rebellious while Virgo prefers to master a rule or habit, rather than rebel against it. Also, the free spirit of Aquarius can go against Virgo’s preference for organization and orderliness in the home. This can result in the Aquarian feeling nagged at regarding daily duties and responsibilities.

These two opposites can help each other manage their natures: Virgo’s practical side can help ground airy Aquarius, while Aquarius can help Virgo see things in different, less structured, grander way.

Pisces and Virgo – Are they a Good Match Together.

Pisces is a Water Element, Virgo is an Earth Element

These two signs can be quite the opposite in how they approach their lives. Virgo, as an Earth sign, tends to make choices and decisions based on information gathered and other facts that may reveal themselves. However, Pisces tend to let emotions guide them in the direction they should go.

Virgo may try to help Pisces categorize, analyze and resolve issues in what they feel is a practical format. However, Pisces may not see Virgo’s mission as helpful. Since Pisces has a willing nature to let things happen and unfold, almost naturally, Virgo may misinterpret this as sheer laziness when in fact, it’s usually just the Pisces way of processing and handling situations.

On the upside, in this relationship, neither Pisces nor Virgo feels the sense to lead, and neither are real grudge holders, therefore resolving issues tends to be relatively quickly achieved.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries is a Fire Sign, Virgo is an Earth Element

In this combination, cautious, planning, analytical Virgo meets spontaneous and sometimes even adventurous Aries! This, of course, can be an asset in helping these opposites see things from another perspective; however, in some cases, it can also be a hindrance.

Aries can feel as though Virgo’s practical analysis is merely smothering their dreams and plans. Virgo’s need to pursue details in almost every situation may lead Virgo to feel overly criticized each time they jump in and ‘get their feet wet’ on a project. Virgo may see Aries’ need to rush into ideas and projects as slightly reckless.

Virgo needs stability in their lives, and Aries prefers to live life, almost on edge. Because of this, this couple may need to work very hard to see eye to eye. On the bright side, Aries can help Virgo be less analytical and to take better care of themselves. Virgo’s grounded nature can help Aries effectively achieve their dreams by assisting them in laying out a practical plan.

Taurus and Virgo – How about this Couple?

Taurus and Virgo are Both Earth Elements

Here we have two focused individuals who like feeling secure about their life and potentially work very well together in a relationship.

With this pairing, Virgo doesn’t mind if the bullish nature of Taurus wants to lead in the relationship because they tend to trust their judgment and know that Taurus can plan and think things through.

Like any couple who have moments in a relationship to work through, this couple can realize how well they can be together and can work past most issues successfully.

Gemini and Virgo – Well I’m Not Sure about this Match

Gemini is an Air Sign, Virgo and Earth Element

Virgo’s prefer to have structure and planning before jumping into new ideas, whereas Gemini can operate with a grander, detail-free plan. This can present a problem for these two.

For a Virgo to be with someone who doesn’t carefully outline “the how,” it can be disconcerting. Virgos crave security in their lives, and with easily bored Gemini, this can be a challenge.

Despite the potential issues this couple may face, they can have exciting and stimulating conversations on a variety of topics. For this team to make it, they’ll have to realize their differences and openly discuss them as they would any other subject of interest they may have.

Cancer and Virgo – Maybe there’s respect Here?

Cancer is a Water Sign – Virgo is Earth

Well, these two have great potential for a successful marriage. They can both be quite cautious and reserved in nature, and this helps them to approach each other with respect and even politeness.

Virgo, the organizer, is appreciated by Cancer. However, Virgo shouldn’t be too pushy with planning and fixing as Cancer can feel lines are crossed if overdone.

These two are both worry-warts but can move past this due to the conservative planning nature they both have. Problems may arise if Virgo isn’t expressive and emotional enough and also when Cancer kicks into moodiness mode. However, again both signs have a great capacity to move beyond these moments.

Leo and Virgo – They Can be Happy

Virgo Earth Element with Leo Fire Element

These two together can be brilliant, hard-working, productive people.

Leo can envision the results of grand ideas and often wants to jump in and get started on the dream. However, the benefit of having a Virgo partner means Virgo will help structure a workable, formidable plan so that the goal can make it from an idea to completion.

With Virgo directing the need for patience and Leo providing much-needed humor in situations, planned results can find their way to creation. Both of these personalities need to see the results of their hard work and planning; it’s part of the entire picture.

Although Leo likes to have their ego stroked, Virgo will only do so honestly. So if the compliments and adoration aren’t coming to Leo as frequently as they like, this can lead to Leo being down in the mouth. However, Virgo’s integrity makes their kind words to Leo that much more meaningful, after all, Virgo wouldn’t say so unless it were true.

Virgo and Virgo – Planners and Workers Times Two!

Two Earth Elements

Since both are Virgo’s, they can have a deeper understanding of each other. Both can be guilty of working too hard and planning too much and need to remember to take breaks away from home to avoid over-stressing themselves with the day to day demands they meet so well.

Also, Virgos are known for their criticizing nature and must remember not to inflict their partner with verbal opinions and even condemnation. If they curb this tendency a little bit, they can potentially live with a greater sense of inner peace.

These two are doers and can accomplish a lot together.

Libra and Virgo – The Fair and Balanced Couple

Status seeking Libra and service-oriented Virgo can make a go of it, but it will have to be as a result of a slow and cautious beginning.

Libra feels the need to impress right from the get-go and is seeking adoration and appreciation for their effort and charm. However, Virgo isn’t going to be drawn into any superficial plan to feed someone’s ego.

For these two to succeed, they must have a meeting of the minds and an intellectual understanding. Virgo’s understated need for perfection in their life contrasts Libra’s outgoing social nature. If Libra has taken notice of the quiet talents Virgo exhibits, such as planning, organizing, and their incredible attention to detail, then there’s a better chance for this relationship to flower.

On the bright side, both seek out to be creatures of balance and fairness, and this, of course, helps in relationship building.

Scorpio and Virgo – The Independent and the Loner

Scorpio is a Water Sign

When these two first meet, they can be cautious about revealing themselves to each other. However, once they’ve passed this stage and spent some quality time together, they may realize that both have a fundamental understanding of how hard and real-life can be. This realization can help to lead to mutual intellectual respect.

Both Scorpio and Virgo are great at teasing, or verbally berating others. However, the one thing they share in common is that neither of them can take it when it’s tossed back their way.

Since Scorpio enjoys time to do their own thing, they can appreciate Virgo’s need to be alone sometimes. Both can be productive, hard-working, and goal-oriented, and Scorpio likes the fact that Virgo is structured by nature.

Sagittarius and Virgo – Relaxed Approach Meets the Master of Every Detail

Well, Sagittarians can be spontaneous and can appreciate changing moments as they present themselves. This is in direct contrast to Virgo’s structured, planning nature. Both can be frustrated by each other because of these apparent personality differences. However, this couple can make up for this with an always evolving and never dull relationship.

Virgo prefers sorting through life by understanding and implementing detail. In contrast, Sagittarius is quite happy, focusing on the mundane and doesn’t need to oversee every single detail of every single project. This can be a bone of contention; however, over time, these two can learn to work together and sort through their differences as they build a productive life together.

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