Vinyl Record Storage Idea for a Large Collection

Vinyl Record Storage Idea for a Large Collection

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Storage Cabinet for Vinyl Records

This Storage Cabinet will Accommodate Your Large Vinyl Record Collection with Room for Your Turntables on Top

A member of our family owns a massive vinyl record collection. I’d say he has over 500 albums. We desperately needed a vinyl record storage solution.

About 2005, we decided to hunt for an organizational system that would accommodate his albums and turntables. The above photo features the cabinet and vinyl storage.

Suggested Cabinets (But not Exactly the Same Measurements)

  • Cabinets can be placed vertical or horizontal
  • You can fit two turntables on top the larger cabinets (17 3/4″ by 14″) and a Mixer, however, the feet on our turntables are 15″ apart so they do fit onto a storage cabinet that measures slightly more than 15″ in depth (you’ll have to measure based on the cabinet you like)
  • The cubby slots in our cabinet is 13″ square – check the cubby sizes on the one you select
  • Vinyl albums measure 12″ square

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Let’s Talk About the Cubes

If you plan to put the vinyl records directly on the shelf, you don’t need to worry about getting foldable storage cubes.

If you want to use foldable storage cubes, you’ll have to be mindful of the measurements.

Both storage cabinets featured above have cubes measuring 13″ by 13″. As mentioned above, vinyl records measure 12″ by 12″.

If you choose foldable storage cubes that are exactly 13″ by 13″, they won’t slide in and out of the cabinet very easily. If you choose foldable storage cubes that measure 12″ by 12″, they’ll fit fine in the storage cabinet; however, the vinyl records will be tight.

The solution is to find foldable storage cubes or another type measuring between 12″ and 13″.

After Searching, Here are Two Foldable Storage Cubes in the Correct Size Range (This Size Range is More Difficult to Find)

NOTE: The black storage cube below measures 12.5″ for width and height, and 13″ for depth: 13″ in depth will work because the cabinet is open at the back, so depth-wise, it will fit exactly into the cube. You’ll still have enough ‘play’ in space with the width and height to easily slide the cube in and out. Also, notice that the black one has a nice handle for pulling it out of the cubby.

iCube Full Fabric Drawer, Comes in Other Colors, Dimensions: 12.5iCube Full Fabric Drawer, Comes in Other Colors, Dimensions: 12.5″(H) X 12.5″(W) X 13″(D).Storage Cube Basket Bin, Measures 12.5Storage Cube Basket Bin, Measures 12.5″*12.5″*12.5″, Cotton Linen White and Stripe 12.5, Comes in Other Colors & Patterns

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4 thoughts on “Vinyl Record Storage Idea for a Large Collection”

  1. You guys created a really neat entertainment center and found the perfect way to store vinyls close to the actual turntables. Great ideas for people that collect vinyls, which I happen to still think are pretty cool!

  2. My records are still scattered between a cabinet under the turntable and one storage plastic storage cube. Now if I could only replace the speakers that died on me, I could play my records again. I actually like cubes for storage. We got rid of most of our collection and I kept only my favorites. Most of the classical music I replaced with CD’s that take up less room.


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