Fun and Quirky Planters for the Home

Unique Planters for the Home – 5 Affordable Choices for Inside or Outside

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There’s something unexplainable and calming about featuring flowers and plants in and around the home. Unique planters for the home add fun, humor, and a bit of quirkiness to traditional decor.

Like the cover photo for this article, you can place a pair of shoes in an old pair of pants under your flowers or bushes to get a laugh! Great idea for Halloween. Hopefully, you have neighbors with a sense of humor?

Don’t be surprised if you’re one of those people who started life not keen on plants and planting; then, partway through your life, you discovered the satisfaction of helping things grow.

Perhaps you have a yard that isn’t conducive to growing plants? Use evergreens and stonework to add depth and character. Here’s how I handled that problem outside our home.

No matter what, unique planters make a funky addition to any home. One of my latest fun things to search for is affordable, creative ways to feature plants and flowers. Check out the five I decided to tell you about below. You can see the suggested item and price by following the links.

1. Cowboy Boot Planters

That’s different. You could use an old pair you have kicking around, but line them to prevent water rot. If it were me, I’d punch some holes in the bottom for drainage. Or you can save a lot of time with these made-for-plants boots.—Yeah, very affordable.

2. A Goddess Garden Planter

This one’s a bit freaky. Higher in price as well. A good idea for the soon-to-be-married couple who have everything, lol. Bet they don’t have this? Want to be even more absurd? Have two made with their faces? HA! If it’s a unique planter for the home you’re looking for, this one checks off all the crazy boxes.

3. A Funny Looking Metal Cow Planter

Ok, why not. Everyone looking for a unique planter for the home needs a cow planter, every single person. Bit of an exaggeration there; you caught that, right? This one is hilarious. You’ll have a gorgeous plant growing out of the silliest container. A little sense of humor for those who feel life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Again, the ideal gift for someone with everything except a cow planter, and the best part, is you filled that void.

4. Doggie Loving Dachshund Planters – Set of Two

If your favorite hound dog is a Dachshund, then these planters are calling your name. They qualify as humorous, and yes, they’ll stand out on your property or in your home. A conversation starter? Yes. I’d say yes. It makes for a wacky housewarming gift for those dog lovers in your life.

5.  Super-Cute Country Flower Cart Planter

With a little decorative wagon, you fill it up with an assortment of potted flower plants. Select various colored flowering plants and bunch them together on the wagon. That’s it. You’re done. Another very affordable gift idea. The perfect housewarming gift for the green-thumbed one.

There you have it.—five wacky suggestions. Oh wait, here’s another; how about a Living Wall?

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4 thoughts on “Unique Planters for the Home – 5 Affordable Choices for Inside or Outside”

  1. Cute and funny ideas for planters. I’m currently looking for a dual-sized planter to separate one plant I currently have that is outgrowing the pot into two, but still be able to move them around as one plant.

  2. I love having unique planters nestled in my beds throughout my garden. It is always fun to see the smile and hear the delighted giggle from a guest when they discover one of my garden treasures.


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