Funk’N Unique Gift Ideas for Him

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Unique Gift Ideas for Him, Including Funny Gifts, Romantic Gifts, Unique Gifts and More!

As the mom of 4 sons, I personally know how difficult it can be to shop for boys (now men). I’m rarely ever shopping and seeking out something for the female persuasion! Nine times out of ten, I’m in the Men’s Department. Not only do I have 4 sons, I also have 2 brothers, 2 stepsons, and 4 step-grandsons. So yah, it’s my life.

If you find men challenging to buy for, below are suggestions that I personally feel rank in the ‘less common’ department. However, some are certainly more typical, just with an added a bouquet of Duct Tape Roses.

Look for a wide range of gift ideas that you can easily use for Birthdays, Romantic, Unusual, Funny, Sentimental and many more ideas for typical occasions or specific personality types.

A Navy Seal Dive Watch for My Second Son Who Loves His Gadgets

When shopping for the boys, like most moms with sons, I’m always separating out their personalities, and son number 2 is the easiest to find things for because he loves gadgets.

This Navy Seal Dive Watch is absolutely a gadget. He’s not a Diver, but he would loves the watch. It’s water resistant up to 660 feet, and he doesn’t need it.

Gift Buying Tips when Buying for Men

Men can certainly be difficult to purchase gifts for. To help you determine the best gift choices, here are some basic suggestions:

1. If it’s a gift for a special occasion, is it something within his area of interest?

2. If it’s a Gag Gift, will he laugh with you?

3. If you’re choosing something practical, is it functional for him?

4. Make an effort to Listen to him. Men do leave clues about their likes and dislikes.

5. If it’s a sentimental gift, does it reflect a great memory, a great love, or great possibilities in life?

6. If you’re trying to recognize his accomplishments, is it something that will trigger an emotional response

These are just a few ways to help encourage the “idea” center of the brain.

A Basket of Candy for Son Number 3! He’s Not a Kid but He Loves His Sweets

Honestly, I’m not too keen on giving this as gift unless it’s a special occasion like his birthday or for Christmas. He loves this kind of gift. It was my neighbor who lead me to the idea of giving assorted original candy as a gift idea….she did it for her kids, even her grownups. Now they’re not as into it, but my number 3 son still is.

You can also get assorted candy in a gift basket or box that’s designed to represent a particular decade – ‘Retro Candy‘. Those are my favorite candy bundles. I like the 70’s retro candy basket/box the best. But since my son isn’t old enough to appreciate candy from that far back, this will have to do.

Back to Son Number 2, This is the Only Men’s Cologne He Likes

Although Son number 2 is a guitarist for his band, I rarely tackle buying him anything guitar related. He’s much too fussy for that.

So fortunately he’s given me tips on another items he likes, such as this cologne.

I’m quite fussy about mens cologne, some of it’s much too strong for my taste (but a women’s sniffer is usually better than a man’s), but I have to say, this suits him.

The description calls it a fresh scent of Patchouli and Sandalwood. I’m not sure if that’s what I’m smelling, but it’s very nice.

A Mobile Tool Box for My Husband – Can’t Forget He’s a Guy Too

Can’t leave my husband out of all this ‘Man Shopping’.  This is right up his alley. He loves to sort and organize his tools, and he has way too many…plus for the ones in the garage he can sort them in this unit and move the unit around the garage and driveway as he needs them.

This is a great gift for small spaces. If your guy needs a workshop area, but space is limited, the mobile toolbox and workshop is ideal. It measures 10.5 x 18 x 24.5 inches and weighs14 pounds. Features include, two lift up panels with four compartments in the top area, the top lid lifts up to reveal a removable tray and tool storage area, the front has a removable box that has fourteen sections, there’s five stalls in the top, and there’s a drawer that opens a the bottom.

Redneck Wine Glass – Great Idea for Guys, Fill it with Beer or Wine

Does your guy detest using a wine glass, or even drinking wine? If so, you need to get him the RedNek Wine Glass, and let him fill it with beer!

My boys don’t mind using a wine glass, but don’t laugh, they have taken to using my Quart Sealers as giant mugs! In fact, they use them so much, that my ‘glasses cupboard’ now has quart sealers in them instead of mugs! So I know for a fact, these wine glasses would be a hit at our table.

What a great idea for a party as well. They don’t have to used just for wine either; lemonade, beer, doesn’t matter..and they would look great on a casual table setting as well.

You can also be creative with these glasses by filling them with homemade jam and giving them as a gift to the favorite guys in your life.

Duct Tape Roses

Duct Tape Roses for Men: My third son would laugh at these, but I better be sure to attach a ‘real gift’ or a basket of that candy featured above, or I may just get ‘an eye roll’ as a thank you!

I like this idea for a gift for a male friend of the family as well; attach a card with a gift receipt and the duct tape flowers, perfect!

This bunch comes bundled with 6 red roses and are wrapped with ribbon and boxed.

100 Million Dollar Novelty Bills – My 4th Son Would Love to Get these!

He would prefer them to be real … so would his mother. However, breaking them for change would be a problem, so we’ll just

take this in 10’s and 20’s. I could easily put this in his Christmas Stocking and I have no doubt it would be in his wallet in a second!

In fact, there’s a great idea for us … a nice new wallet, with 100 million dollars in it.

DJ Mixer and Turn Tables

He DJ’s on the side and I often see him hauling his equipment in and out of the house. This would allow him to have a set-up that’s a little more portable. It includes two turn tables and one mixer and a laptop.

This would enable him to easily load and unload for those parties he works at. From a ‘mom’ perspective, it also takes up a little less space and would look great in their room or a music room.

Turn This on It’s Side: My Favorite Idea to Store a Vinyl Record Collection

This is in Son Number 1’s Room. I took a trip to ikea, measured the cubbies in it

and measured a vinyl record and they fit perfectly! If there’s a man in your life who collects vinyl records, this makes a PERFECT storage area for them – and it fits TONS. Since son number 1 DJ’s in his spare time, every cubby is filled to the max with his Vinyl. I highly recommend this to solve a storage problem.

Son Number 4 Would Like a Real Ferrari – Sorry No-Can-Do – But Here’s Something Instead

It’s best for younger boys, but dad’s may love this. My 4th son is too old for this right now, but since he wants a real one, this is closet he’ll get from mom and dad. Unfortunately in our case it would be a waste of money as he’s too big to get into this ride-along. But if money is no object (not likely!) then this may qualify as the most expensive Joke Gift Ever.

It goes 2.5 miles per hour and comes with a 6V battery. Just a little slower than a real one.

A Personal Message in a Bottle

If You Need a Little Something to Add to a Planned Romantic Night, then Here you Go!

If he’s a true romantic, he may appreciate the originality of this gift. Who else would think of doing this?

The glass bottle is beautiful and stands 12.5 inches tall and comes in a lovely wood crate. The paper in the bottle is made to have that rustic worn look with burnt edges. Also included are sand and seashells.

When you order this bottle online, you write your Message in the “Notes” part of checkout, or you can send an email to the company with your message. They do restrict the message to 255 characters.

The Rim of Life Pillow

This creation is one of my own. It’s the wheel on my husbands vehicle turned into a motivational quote wheel – I gave this the pet name ‘The Rim of Life’. Since my

family knows me for all the quotes they often see pinned to the fridge, I turned a manly item into a quote item! Makes a great gift that can stay in the car at all times.

Gloves with LED Lights

Multi-task Gloves with LED Lights – Handy for a number of reasons, how about when you’re walking the dog in the winter and have to ‘pick up’ after him.

Or if you need a light to find your keys to unlock the house. Perhaps if you’re going for an evening stroll and need a little light at times.

Actually, all my boys would find these handy to have, especially at night when they’re digging for keys to unlock the front door.

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