How Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?

How to decorate the wealth corner in your home

Yes, According to the Practice of Feng Shui, Your Home Has a Wealth/Abundance Corner In fact, your property, your home and each room have their own money corners. Since you’re wondering how to decorate that corner, or what to feature in it, I’m presuming you already know this. If you’re not familiar with the basic … Read moreHow Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?

Funk’N Fresh Bedding with Leaves

Duvet Covers that Feature Leaf Designs

Autumn Art Duvet with Leaves and Light by SylviaCPhotography Spring, Summer or Autumn Bedding Featuring a Leaves Themed Design Below are artistic designs of bedding with leaves for a nature themed bedroom. No matter the major color of the bedding, leaves can add a fresh airy feeling and bring the outdoors in. Look for leaves … Read moreFunk’N Fresh Bedding with Leaves

Funky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Sunflower Area Rugs

Sunflower Yellow Area Rug by lake1221 Bright, Happy Sunflower Rugs for Home or Office Decor Below is a selection of popular Sunflower Rugs that can be used to enhance the space in the home or to bring out the feminine summer mood of an office. Add sunflower rugs to summer themed rooms, or to a … Read moreFunky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Funky Art with Weeping Willow Tree Wall Decals

Weeping Willow Wall Decals

Weeping Willow Tree Wall Decal by PrimeDecal Weeping Willow Tree Wall Decals for the Home or Office Decoration Whether it’s the Weeping Willow, the Peking Willow, or the White Willow all make a lovely wall decoration for the right room. Depending upon the size, they can be positioned as a focal point, or used as … Read moreFunky Art with Weeping Willow Tree Wall Decals