Smiley Face Wall Decals and Various Other Popular Emoticons to Decorate a Room

Smiley Face Wall Decals

Funk’N Perk Everyone Up with Smiley Face¬†Wall Decals The smiley face or happy face represents a smiling human face. It’s normally portrayed with two dots for eyes and a half circle for the mouth in a yellow circle background. The happy face graduated to the “smiley”, a term used to describe the online emoticon. Here’s … Read more

Funky Kitchen Wall Quotes

Kitchen Wall Quotes

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts so eat more cupcakes cute funny inspirational vinyl wall quotes decals sayings art lettering Wall Quotes for the Home or Office Kitchen are a Great Way to Add Humor, Inspiration, or Instructions Whether you’re looking to put up kitchen wall quotes in the home or office, you have plenty of … Read more

Kindness Wall Quotes for Funk’N Manners

Kindness Quotes for the Wall

Kindness is the Language the Deaf can Hear and the Blind Can See Wall Decal Inspiring Wall Quotes about Kindness are Great for both Home and Office Decor This wall quote says it perfectly: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. Here you’ll find a selection of wall … Read more

Coco Chanel Wall Quotes – Funky & Beautiful

Coco Chanel Wall Decal Quotes

Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Decals Ladies Girls Coco Chanel Fashion (Z1261) Coco Chanel Wall Quotes – A Girly Way to Decorate a Space Although the famous fashion designer, Gabrielle Bonheur, also known as the “Coco” Chanel, passed in 1971 at the age of 88, she still remains an influential fashion designer. In fact, there are … Read more