Insanely Awesome Scenic Room Dividers!

Scenery Room Divider

Oriental Furniture 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Works of Van Gogh Canvas Room Divider – Cafe Terrace/View of Arles Clever Decorating Idea to Subdivide Room Space When needing to partition the space in a room, you don’t have to build walls or use bulky furniture to have that separation; use a scenic room divider. Scenic room … Read moreInsanely Awesome Scenic Room Dividers!

Double Sided Fall Room Dividers

Autumn Double Sided Room Dividers

Toa 6 Panel Folding Screen Canvas Divider- Autumn River 6 Feet Tall Double Sided Sunrise Room Divider Using Themed Furniture Art to Divide Larger Spaces Using an artistically themed room divider allows you to solve a practical solution as well as add creative art to a space. There’s no reason to leave the space where … Read moreDouble Sided Fall Room Dividers

Secret Passageways in a Home – Hide Your Stuff, Yourself or Your Wine

Secret Passageway Ideas for the Home

If you want your house to be the most unique home on the block, secret passageways in a home are the design perks few people offer. Here are four unique secret passageways in a home created by professional decorators and/or architects. You can view actual examples of their work by following through the links in … Read moreSecret Passageways in a Home – Hide Your Stuff, Yourself or Your Wine

Hidden Door Bookshelf – Your Secret Passageway

Secret Door Bookcase

Invisidoor 32in by 80in. A Secret Cubby or Passage Way, or to Hide an Open Cluttered Corner or Area – Put Up a Hidden Door Bookshelf – Problem Solved, Wishes Granted… It’s not just in the movies, nope. If you have some intermediate do-it-yourself skills then go ahead and get yourself one of these. If you’re DIY … Read moreHidden Door Bookshelf – Your Secret Passageway