How to Declutter Kitchen Counters

How to declutter kitchen counters

To declutter kitchen cupboards, you need alternative storage ideas to either free-up existing cabinets and a way to add more storage. Without a walk-in-pantry, it can be difficult. Let’s review several solutions to declutter kitchen counters: 1. Maximize Corner Cabinet Storage We tend to shove things in the far end of a corner cabinet and … Read more

Kitchen Cart Ideas – Which Type of Cart Would Work Best for Your Home?

Kitchen Cart Ideas

A kitchen cart also referred to as a prep station, chef’s cart, or gourmet island, is meant to expand storage and counter space. Since the number of kitchen cart ideas are only limited by the endless styles to choose from, we’ll narrow down the options by a few important things to consider. A Kitchen Cart … Read more

Vinyl Record Storage Idea for a Large Collection

Vinyl Record Storage Idea for a Large Collection

  This Storage Cabinet will Accommodate Your Large Vinyl Record Collection with Room for Your Turntables on Top A member of our family owns a massive vinyl record collection. If I had to guess I’d say he has over 500 albums. We desperately needed a vinyl record storage solution. About 2005 we decided to go … Read more