Creative Canada Party Supply Ideas

Creative Party Supply Suggestions for a Canada Day Party

Hosting a Canada Party? Need Party Ideas and Supplies? If you already have your Canada Flag you’re obviously on your way to getting prepared for Canada’s big birthday. The Canada Day party supplies are featured below, or you can visit their product page here Featured are red and white items along with maple leaves and the … Read more

Canada Throw Blankets and Pillows

Canada Pillows and Blankets

It doesn’t have to be Canada Day to justify getting a Canada throw blanket and pillow; keep them in the car, gift them as a gift, take them camping or use them as accessories in the home. You can check out the Canada related throw pillows and blankets below, or on their product page here … Read more

Use this Growing List of Made in Canada Products to Shop Canadian

Shopping Canadian the Easy Way

For Canadians who prefer to support Canadian businesses or who prefer to shop for products made in Canada, below you’ll find a growing Pinterest Board, broken down into categories to help you find products in one place. The internet can be an all consuming time-drainer when it comes to finding what you’re looking for. In … Read more