Shopping Cart Trolley Bags for Funk and Organization

These Shopping Cart Trolley Bags are a Fantastic Idea

You’ll notice there are several providers of this product, however the one featured in the main photo is the original ‘CartBagz’. The standard four bags are included, however the CartBagz comes with an insulated Blue Bag for your cold items. The CartBagz Shopping Cart Trolley Bag is designed to fit standard North American grocery carts (both US & Canada). They’ll also fit Costco and Sams Club carts.

The removable rods used to hold the bags in place on the CartBagz are made with strong polyethylene versus others that offer plastic or wooden rods. The rods are secured by Velcro and of course, can be removed. The bags are also machine washable. The bottoms of the three larger bags are made with a durable mesh fabric to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Watch the CartBagz Video Featured Above

Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable Produce BagsFor the Sorting Guru!

The video features the shopping cart trolley bags conveniently rolled up to easily hooked onto your cart while you shop. At checkout you simply open them into your cart so you can easily sort and load up your groceries. They then show how easy it is to lift the bags from your cart into your car, then of course, from your car to your house. When you’re done, just reattach them along the Velcro strips, roll them up, and you’re ready to use them on your next shopping trip.

Hey, if you want to use them while you shop to shop and sort, go ahead! Simply run them through the checkout and rebag them and you’re ready to get them to the car and go home.

Personally I’d find these useful for Christmas Shopping – you know – when you’re shopping for multiple people in a large department store that offers grocery carts. That way, you can place the gifts for each of four individuals in their own separate bags. That way you can sort gifts on a per person basis. If you shop for Stocking Stuffers for multiple kids, you’ll certainly find this divider system handy as you go.

Add Reusable Produce Bags – For the King or Queen of Sorting!

These reusable produce bags are not related to the CartBagz set, however, they are a popular item used by those who like to clearly separate their veggie and fruit items.

If you’re not keen on mixing all your veggies and fruit together, you can sort them in these bags separately first, then simply place the sorted produce bags into one of the CartBagz trolley bags.

Here’s a couple of cool features about these produce bags:

  • They’re color coded, so you can sort your fruit and veggies according to their color family, or whatever makes sense to you
  • They come in a set of 5 each with a drawstring and they’re affordable, washable, multi-functional and of course, reusable
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