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Shopping Cart Trolley Bags for Funk and Organization


Reusable Shopping Cart Bags and Grocery Organizer Designed for Trolley Carts by Modern Day LivingReusable Shopping Cart Bags and Grocery Organizer Designed for Trolley Carts by Modern Day Living

These Shopping Cart Trolley Bags are a Fantastic Idea

Shopping Cart Trolley Bag is designed to fit standard North American grocery carts (US & Canada). They’ll also fit Costco and Sams Club carts.

The removable rods used to hold the bags in place make cleaning easy. Also included are three reusable produce bags.

Hook the trolley bags on your cart, and start shopping. At the checkout, you open them into your cart so you can quickly sort and load up your groceries. Then lift the groceries from your cart into the car, then from the car to the home. When you’re ready, store them away for the next use.

Hey, if you want to use trolly bags while you shop to sort, go ahead. Run them through the checkout and rebag them. You’re then ready to get the groceries to the car and go home.

Personally, I’d find these useful for Christmas Shopping – you know – when you’re shopping for multiple people in a large department store that offers grocery carts. That way, you can place the gifts for each of the four individuals in their separate bags. That way, you can sort presents on a per person basis. If you shop for Stocking Stuffers for multiple kids, you’ll undoubtedly find this divider system handy as you go.

Add Reusable Produce Bags – For the King or Queen of Sorting

They’re a popular item used by those who like to separate veggies and fruits.

If you’re not keen on mixing all your veggies and fruit, you can sort them in these bags separately first, then place the sorted produce bags into one of the trolley bags.

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10 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Trolley Bags for Funk and Organization”

  1. I have seen these before, they are a great idea aren’t they.
    In the UK the government introduced a tax on single use plastic bags a couple of years ago, so now most people bring reusable bags with them to the grocery store. I hang mine on the hook at the back of the cart while shopping, then place them in the cart once the purchases have been placed on the conveyor.
    I like to be organized when I shop, so the bottles and cans go on the conveyor first, followed by the larger and heavier fruit and veg, then the cold/frozen items, then the rest. That way I can pack a bag at a time and place the miscellaneous items on top.
    It amazes me when I go shopping in Walmart when I go to Florida, because I end up with at least 20 single use plastic bags in my cart. The one thing they are good for now though is to bring home to the UK, because we keep running out of single use ones, and they do come in handy.

    • The UK is one the right track banning bags. Here grocery stores carry them too but most of the time you have to pay for them. You’re very organized when you shop! That’s fantastic and makes unpacking so much easier.

  2. I’ve never seen these shopping cart trolley bags before. Clever idea. Here I try to use cloth bags for bagging my groceries as I think single use plastic bags should be banned all over to eliminate the cost to the environment plastic poses. Or make the plastic bags out of a biodegradable material.

  3. I can certainly see the benefit of using canvas tote bags at the grocery store. Very cool idea to have them where they will hang in the shopping cart too. I need to see if they are machine washable. I definitely like the idea of having the carrying straps like a tote bag. Very cool indeed!

    • I checked the ones near the top, and it didn’t say if they were. But I know if it were me, I’d put them in the washer, with cold water on delicate and hang them to dry. I’m a gambler like that LOL. The poles come out so I would certainly wash them.

  4. Sounds like a great solution to a grocery shopping problem. My only question would be about how strong is the fabric the rods go through. How much weight can they hold before tearing. I have many reusable bags that have torn at the top or bottom because they were made of cheap fabric. Of course, most of them were freebies I got at convention centers or events. I’ve never had trouble with bags made of heavy canvas.

  5. We were just looking at the shopping trolley bags the other day – in the state of Queensland here in Australia single use plastic bags have been banned so it’s a case of bring your own bags or pay for the store’s bags each and every time! I’ve always had canvas tote bags in my car for shopping trips, but my husband and I do like the look of the ones that fit the trolley like these, much easier for organizing (I’m a little like Tony with how I pack my shopping 😀 )

    • Lol on being a little like Tony. Shopping is so much easier when we’re organized, I find I actually sweat less when I’m organized and calm. I hate grocery shopping. It’s great to hear you have a plastic bag ban there as well. We don’t have it here yet, but I suspect that’s simply a matter of time.


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