Selling Your Home During Halloween

Selling Your Home During Halloween – What to Do and What to Avoid

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If you’re wondering whether selling your home during Halloween is wise, the answer is not a simple yes or no.

Of course, we’ve all heard that springtime is the best time to sell; however, when life comes charging at us, we have to do what we know is best for our family.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Sell During Halloween

Whether it’s Halloween or not, isn’t the important factor for selling, these basic points are:

  • The local economy
  • How many homes are presently on the market
  • What is the average time to sell homes in your area
  • The location of your home and the appeal of the area you live in
  • Will your home be priced competitively
  • What does your hired professional(s) feel is best for you
  • Is selling imperative or is waiting better

Once you’ve decided that yes, ‘I’m selling my home in the fall and it’s Halloween’, there are a number of things to consider to help make your home appealing to prospective buyers.

Yes, Do This:

You want to attract as much interest as you can, so keeping things fun and pretty is the cliche you’re aiming for. The general rule when selling is to keep colors neutral. However, to create interest and fun, add pops of color in accessories.

  •  Place a pretty Halloween themed centerpiece on the dining room or kitchen table
  •  Put a lovely Halloween display on the foyer table with your Halloween themed marketing materials
  •  Use LED or non-led candles in places around the home, featuring candles in groups of three with each a different size
  •  Place a fun Halloween or Fall Wreath on the front door and/or on a few walls
  •  Decorate your front porch or entryway with a lovely pumpkin and or rustic fall display
  •  Place pretty Halloween or Autumn throw blankets over the backs of chairs or couches
  •  Display a lovely tray of Halloween cookies for showings and open house
  •  Use themed throw pillows throughout the home. Just make sure they match your decor.
  •  Feature lovely glass or other decorative containers with candy
  •  Display Halloween soaps and trinkets in a pretty basket in the washrooms
  •  Create a lovely bathroom towel display that reflects the colors of the season
  •  Keep your home well lit. It gets dark early in the Fall, so you’ll want all the lights inside and out working and shining brightly

No, Don’t Do This:

  •  No blood, gore, vampires or monsters on display in the yard (front or back) or in your home
  •  Excess Halloween inflatables are a no-no, best to avoid them completely
  •  Don’t display handmade paper decorations or decorations that don’t have a professional feel
  •  Don’t display your children’s Halloween art on the fridge or walls
  •  Skip the Halloween window decals
  •  No, don’t use real candles. Decorative candles are the safest
  •  Halloween decor tripping hazards leading to your door, yah, avoid that!
  •  Don’t go overboard with Halloween decor, keep it classy and simple
  •  When Halloween is over, remove the pumpkins, Halloween pillows, blankets, soaps, and themed candles and focus strictly on autumn decor

Of course, your realtor will provide you with the advice they feel is best for your home and area. They may also discuss hosting a Halloween-themed open house for the public and/or fellow sales representatives.

What to Do and What to Avoid When Selling Your Home During Halloween

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  1. Your advice makes a lot of sense, Barbara. I would not have thought about adding attractive Halloween themed items to the decor of the home you are trying to sell. And, naturally, Dracula, skeletons and tombstones in the yard (like my son/DIL love to do for Halloween) would not be appealing to a prospective buyer unless they had a weird sense of humor…. LOL.


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