Secret Passageway Ideas for the Home

Secret Passageways in a Home – Hide Your Stuff, Yourself or Your Wine

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If you want your house to be the unique home on the block, secret passageways in a home are the design perks few people offer.

Here are four unique secret passageways in a home created by professional decorators and/or architects. You can view actual examples of their work by following through the links in each paragraph.

1. A Crawl Through Between Rooms

The kids will love this! If you want to subtly connect rooms, how about creating a fun crawl space between them. Put a crawl through from a media room or playroom to a bedroom. How about connecting multiple rooms? If you’re renovating, factor it in. What about a crawl through from room to room? Hide and seek just became a ton of fun.

Take a look at a professionally designed crawl-through by Platt Builders here. For another option, check this secret crawl through by Sweet Retreat Kids, as it conceals the crawl space with a faux fireplace mantel.

2. This Secret Passageway is for the Grown-ups

Hidden in the floor, there’s a wine cellar. What makes this design by Michael Bell Architects unique is blending the door with the floor. It uses space under the room, leaving more usable square footage for the main floor. Of course, there are other over-the-top wine cellars in floors that aren’t so secret. If you want to see how the other half lives, check this one out!

3. A Secret Passageway Hidden Behind a Cabinet or Bookshelf

This particular style of a secret passageway in a home is the most common. Well, that’s if one considers secret passageways common? They’re not. Try the less expensive route with this DIY approach if your budget doesn’t allow for a professional designer to build one. To view an actual finished hidden passageway cabinet/bookshelf, check out this design by Witt Construction.

How about a gentleman’s room/man-cave that’s hidden behind a wall that opens when a specific stone on the fireplace is pressed. Just like in the movies, yep. Shawn St. Peter Photography features one you can view here.

4.  A Lifting Staircase Leading to a Secret Room

We rarely see this little secret in homes. If there’s a room you want to keep as private as you can or that you prefer not to be accessed directly, then designing a staircase to lift via remote electronically is ideal. To see a professionally designed lifting staircase, check out this one by Creative Home Engineering.

Reasons for a Secret Room:

  • A safe room
  • Place for valuables
  • A very private office
  • A business connected to a home – get into the home via the secret entrance, put a door to the outside for the public
  • Create a themed play area for the kids
  • A man-cave
  • Secret indoor she-shed
  • Sound proof music room
  • Movie room
  • A home school
  • Safe place for legally owned weapons
  • A safe area for collectibles, such as expensive art
  • Adds value to the home
  • Separates your home from the rest when selling
  • Fun for the kids

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