Kind & Funky Sayings for a Friend

Thoughtful, Generous, Funny and Even Sarcastically Loving Things You Can Say to a Friend

Friends are often our only lifeline when things get rough, so it makes sense that so many people are searching for just the right words to share with their best buddies.

Here you’ll find a collection of nice things to say that range from funny, loving, cute and even politely sarcastic. Use them for birthday, Christmas or other holiday cards to say just the right thing. Or just go ahead and text a few to the important souls in your life.

With a creative collection of sayings, it removes the need to think on the fly; just find the best one for your friend and write it inside the card, text it, or just say it nicely face to face.

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Let’s Start with Eight Sayings for a Friend, A Best Friend

1. My friend, you have saved me from myself so many times [Click to Tweet This]

2. When I fell flat on my face, you were the first one to offer a helping hand [Click to Tweet This]

3. Thank you for being there, you have been the rock in my life [Click to Tweet This]

4. I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have you as my friend

5. You and the sun are both filled with warmth and kindness

6. A best friend sits with you when most people walk out of the room [Click to Tweet This]

7. Best friends instinctively know when the other needs help [Click to Tweet This]

8. Best friends are like puppies, they’re always precious..even when they poop

Funny Friend Sayings

You can love a friend and shower them with beautiful sayings, but gheesh, you can still be funny about it!

1. If I wanted to jump out of plane, you wouldn’t stop me, you would join me! that’s friendship! [Click to Tweet This]

2. When I’m in trouble you’re the first person to remind me that I might be a horses-**ss

3. I jump, you jump – we are friendship fools

4. I love how you hold my head up so it doesn’t fall in the toilet – true friend. [Click to Tweet This]

5. You, me and sarcasm, all the best of friends

6. I love everything about you – I admit I’m shallow!

7. We share everything, even boyfriends

8. When we holiday together I love how we have to prepare the city for our arrival! [Click to Tweet This]

9. You’re always disrupting my life, and I freaking love that about you!

10. We share a destiny; party-til-we-drop – forever friends [Click to Tweet This]

11. You are there for me even when I’m freaking horrible

12. Friends have secrets between them that could be written up as a best seller

Best Friend Sayings

A best friend stands the test of time, they stay through all of life challenges, no matter how hard:

1. You stayed when everyone left, you are the greatest gift in my life [Click to Tweet This]

2. Your loyalty and patience have me striving to be a better friend

3. You listen like no else does, you truly hear me

4. Your understanding of who I am makes me want to be more understanding

5. You are an example of what a first class friend truly is

6. We cry and laugh together, I love you

7. Forever friends is putting it mildly [Click to Tweet This]

8. Forever, one mile short of eternity, that’s the distance we travel

9. You are a giver and I want the world to know about your heart

10. A friend, a sister, a soul mate, all forever

Some of them with a Self Deprecating Twist!

Ok, this is all meant in jest! it’s not nice to be fake!

1. Your hair is just fab.u.lous *hides*

2. Love your dress, my mom has one too!

3. Love everything about that outfit

4. You are so smart

5. Hiiiiii, I’m an idiot for trying to be fake

6. I understand you’re fake, well so am I !

7. In an effort to be real, I’m going to be fake

8. Fake is what I do, we are going to get along!

9. Fakers are my forte

You Can Use These on Valentines Day

For times when depth of love needs to be shared with our closest friends:

1. We are connected beyond this world, and our love is eternal

2. We use to play together in heaven and now we share this life

3. From pigtails, to babies, to senior discounts; we’ve loved through it all [Click to Tweet This]

4. Time never beat our friendship or our love for each other

5. Like it was yesterday we were girls – forever love

6. You lift my soul when it weighs too much for everyone else [Click to Tweet This]

7. You see in me things I didn’t know about myself, thank you for that

8. When I hug you, I feel a rush of peace through my soul

9. If I could walk your roads to ease your pain I would do it my friend [Click to Tweet This]

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