Reversible Indoor Outdoor Mats

Funk’N Practicality with Reversible Patio Mats

How to Have Both Durability and Beauty with a Reversible Patio Mat

The reversible mats are featured below, however, if you’re unable to view them, visit the product page here.

Reversible rugs give you the option of changing the look of a space. When you’re not able to clean the mat right away or want a change, you can flip it over. Certainly, campers or those using it for a picnic will appreciate it when unexpected accidents happen

If you intend to use in on the lawn, try ground stakes to secure it. That way, when a big wind comes along, your rug has a better chance of staying in place. With the freaky weather we can get, you want to be prepared.

Most of these rugs are useable for an outdoor patio area; however, I wouldn’t leave it outside when the skies get messy. Use your best judgment, but how many of us are guilty of leaving our patio furniture padding out when it storms, but don’t let that be your guide, a rug is a whole different animal; I would bundle it up.

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