Pirate Treasure Chest Wall Decals

Pirate Treasure Chest Wall Decals

Pirate Treasure Chest Wall Decals Make an Added Point of Interest in a Pirate Themed Room

A child’s room can enhance a pirate theme with pirate-themed wall decals. Here’s one.

Because they’re easy to put up and take down, vinyl wall decals are often the popular wall decoration of choice. Since there’s no painting or stenciling required, it doesn’t take long to add a unique wall dressing to complete the look of a room.

An Open Treasure Chest – Show the Gold

Feature a creative open treasure chest that sits open ready for plundering. Use it to emphasize the pirate theme or just put it up on the wall as a crazy conversation piece. Better yet, put it up as a motivational tool to encourage the kids to save money.

Complete the theme of the room with treasure maps and pirate ships for the wall.

Here’s an Incredible Design to Help Those Creative Decorating Ideas Along:

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