Unique Picket Fence Wall Art

Picket Fence Wall Art – Unique Rustic Home Decor

If you’re looking for a unique piece of art, Picket Fence Wall Art falls into that category. These designs are difficult to resist! They range from inspirational sayings to gorgeous country rustic scenes on a fence backdrop.

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Original Gift Ideas

Original gifts are hard to find. Even with the internet, coming up with different ideas takes time. Picket fence wall art makes an excellent house warming gift, anniversary gift, a cottage or cabin gift, and of course, a wedding gift. Chances are this item won’t be returned or re-gifted. For those who love rustic decor, you’re sure to strike a chord.

Rustic Country Home Decor Accessory

A room isn’t decorated until all the accessories are added. Pillows, blankets, wall art, ornaments, and lamps are a few of the basics that begin to take a room from lonely and cold to lived-in and warm.

Picket fence art can be added to any room in the home:

  • A foyer entry piece
  • In a rustic kitchen
  • Above each end table in a bedroom
  • In a home office
  • In a collage of art in the family room
  • Collect multiples and form a collage of only picket fence art
  • In a nursery designed with a rustic theme
  • As art in the guest bedroom
  • Line up multiple pieces on the wall to create an artistic picket fence border similar to an improvised version of wainscotting
  • Use multiples to create a DIY headboard. Stack them, line them up above the frame of the bed for a unique custom headboard. Simply collect them until you have enough for the project.
  • To decorate a bunkie
  • Along a staircase wall – a themed wall
  • Put one up in the vestibule entryway
  • Feature several in the laundry room

There are many to choose from, check these out:

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