Orange Home Decor Items to Choose From

Orange Home Decor Items – Bring Out the Positive Side of Life

Orange Home Decor Items for the HomeOrange Can Be Classy, but Always With a Fun Sociable Side: Classy in Peachy Orange, Fun with Bright Orange

Decorating with orange brings uplifting energy, rejuvenation, and optimism to a room. If you want a room that makes people feel good when they enter, then adding orange accents or decorating in a full-blown orange theme is an excellent choice.

A good way to think about orange and how it makes you feel, is to think about the senses that are triggered when you’re peeling an orange. There’s a freshness from the scent and the bits of juice that spray as you peel it are like sitting outside on a sunny day. Ok, that’s a lot to get from just eating an orange, but they are refreshing, and that’s almost the feeling you get when you walk into a room with a lot of bright orange decor.

Orange is also a color that encourages emotional strength.  During times of strife, surround yourself with a little bit of orange: It won’t solve your problems, but you may find a way to look at the brighter side of your situation. What can it hurt? Give it a try.

Like yellow, orange is the color of conversation and sociability. It’s a good color to include in a room where you hold gatherings or do a lot of your entertaining. Here’s an idea: Add a little bit of orange to your bedroom to promote a chit-chat between you and your significant other. It may not work, but if all of sudden you notice him or her talking it up more than usual, you can blame it on the orange decor.

Take the social aspect of orange to another level by adding it to your kitchen decor. If painting your walls orange is too much, simply orange-up the space with accessories like table accents, chairs pads, small kitchen appliances or wall art. With a gathering of family or friends around your table, you may find the gang talking to each other more than usual. Again, if it happens, just smile like the great plotter you are, and blame it on the orange.

So get the gang talking and engaging cheerfully with each other with your sneaky funky orange decor:

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