Bending Time with Melting Wall Clocks

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Time is Melting Away…Literally! Melting Wall Clocks, Desk Clocks and Other Funky Melting Clock Designs

Does time fly, is it melting away, or is just plain hot outside?

No matter your vote, a Melting Clock says a bundle. If your life is passing you by, a melting clock may be the symbol best to express that. On the other hand, if you’re in an area where the temperature is ridiculously hot, then a melting clock is a perfect decorative statement.

Here you’ll find a collection of Melting Clocks to put anywhere in the home or office.

If you’re looking to give this to someone as a gag gift, be careful they don’t take it the wrong way..perhaps you should attach a nice card explaining your gifting reasons!..maybe something like; ‘you work so hard, thought you needed a reminder to Chillax’…you get the picture.

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A Quick Background on Melting Clocks

Most of the Melting Clocks you’ll come across are based on the theme expressed in Salvador Dali’s famous painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory’. He based the painting’s concept on his own personal analysis of the world at that point; ‘softness and hardness’. If you’re intrigued, you can read more about this painting at Wiki.

Whimsical Melting Mantel Clock Bronze Finish Dali-esqueMelting ClockArt Nouveau Melting Bronze Table ClockMelting Time Flow Clock – Decorative Desk Clock, Artistic Desk Timepiece Includes Stand Color PinkSurreal Melting Wall Clock 15 Inch Black Frame DaliFizz Creations-Melting ClockDesign Toscano WU08388 Teardrop Melting Clock

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  1. CherylsArt says:

    These are a fun idea for Halloween parties!

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