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Leo, Who Is Your Best Astrology Match? Did You Choose Wisely?

Here’s a fun read referencing Leo with every other astrological sign. Go ahead and examine the traits of other signs against yours and see how you match up. But don’t take this stuff too seriously!

You may find these couple breakdowns sound like you, and then again, they may not represent your relationship at all! If you’re into astrology, then a full chart reading is what you’ll want to get. For a full reading you’ll need your birth date, birth time and birth place. This page won’t give you that kind of detail of course!

Leo, your nice side is quite nice isn’t it! Confident, Expressive, Noble, and Irrepressible, but hold on, you also have a bad side (doesn’t everyone right?); pushy, stubborn, arrogant, bossy, over-ambitious…lol! I’m not picking on Leos…’cause I’m a Leo too…the bad stuff is plain wrong (stubborn?) !

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Leo and Capricorn – Matter of Fact meets I Know this For Sure

Both Signs Admire Class, Style and Luxury

Leo the Lion Bedding
Lion Bedding

Although both Leo and Capricorn enjoy the nicer things in life, and both are leader-types, they each have their own ideas on how to achieve their goals.

Capricorn is a practical sort who prefers to build via a slow, strong foundation with detailed planning. Leo, also prone to thorough planning, prefers to jump into the big picture and get started. If working in sync, Capricorn can be helpful to Leo by advising them in areas they may not have considered relevant. On the other hand, Leo helps Capricorn with their unequivocal support and encouragement with their plans, tasks and dreams.

These two, Capricorn the Goat, and Leo the Lion, are both strong willed people who, when the relationship is based upon mutual respect, can work well together building a life of love and family.

Leo and Aquarius – Opposites Can Attract

Leo the Lion Shower Curtain
Lion Shower Curtain

Although Leo and Aquarius are actually positioned as opposites on the zodiac wheel, they are proof that opposites can not only attract, but can also have a successful relationship. However, this success comes with effort and hard work.

Both Leo and Aquarius share the qualities of optimism and compassion. They care deeply for the well being of others, with Aquarians sometimes referred to as the humanitarians of the zodiac. They’re both creatively inspired, and can seriously focus on their chosen field. In fact, if that field is a shared interest, they have the potential to be productive and accomplished as a team.

Aquarians are known for being free spirited and when it comes to relationships, this is not acceptable to a Leo. Lions are proud with a need to feel respected, and if their Aquarius partner is able to realize this, and fully commit, these two can be a powerful, happy couple.

Leo and Pisces – The Fire and the Fire-Putter-Outer

Leo appreciates Pisces ability to be a sincere, loving and loyal partner. Leo and Pisces are both compassionate generous people

Leo the Lion Lamp
Funky Lion Lamp

who tend to face the world with optimism at their core.

Pisces should work towards not smothering out the flame of Leo and Leo should focus on not draining Pisces by neglecting their emotional needs. Both these two signs function best when they realize, that although they see the world through different prisms at times, they’re both basically artists at heart who flourish through creating and doing. As an example, they’re both successful at the art of running of a family, and the art of helping others.

Leo enjoys Pisces’ ability to listen, and Pisces admires Leo’s charisma. If Pisces can maintain their own sense of self with a strong and demanding Leo, then this couple can better enjoy their commitment to each other.

Leo and Aries – The Commander Meets the Director

Lion 3D Drapes
Lion 3D Drapes

Aries Loves a challenge and Leo will certainly give Aries one in their trying to pursue them. Leos can be hard to catch. They need to believe that love and adoration will be given to them fully before they commit…and Aries is up for the task!

Leo and Aries share the trait of having a strong sense of who they are. In fact this is why both Leo and Aries are typically Leaders, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Teachers. Both will rule the house, however their styles are slightly different: Leo’s leadership decisions need to be admired more than the matter-0f-fact Aries, who’s simply glad to lead the job without a boatload of adulation.

This relationship works best with a foundation of mutual respect. Leo especially feels the need for respect from the Aries partner. These two can anger quickly with each other, and with both being fire signs, the arguments can be somewhat fierce!

Let the world know if this is an accurate assessment of your relationship! It’s all in fun of course, but inside all this humor and silliness may be a spark of truth!

Leo and Taurus – I’ll Bet You Guys Zizzle Hot Together?

These two signs can experience strong, powerful passion together. They can be extremely physically attracted to each other. In fact, the attractiveness they share is often the glue that helps keep them together. Perhaps that comes from the appealing nature of both Taurus the Bull and Leo the Lion.

Although there’s a heated appeal here, Leo and Taurus can also have some heated arguments! Stubborn Taurus the Bull going head to head with the proud and strong Leo the Lion can result in some mix-ups to remember. Both need to heed their nature and respect what the other needs.

Taurus would do well to remember that Leo responds best with attention and adulation, while Leo should note that demanding too much from Taurus can result in an unhappy partner.

Leo and Gemini – Oh Yes Gemini Air can Fuel this Lion’s Fire for Good and Bad!

Lion Blanket for Baby
Hooded Lion Blanket for Baby

These two are typically friends first. Both are social butterflies and enjoy elaborate dates to fancy restaurants and other prestigious gatherings. Both take pride in their appearance and like to dress for success.

Gemini’s Air Element makes them less grounded and committed as Leo may feel is required to be won over. Leo wants to be swooned, adored and appreciates a concerted effort before allowing “their capture”. If Gemini is not up to the task, they may find it difficult to keep Leo as a committed partner. Gemini will have to curb their wandering ways in order to snare a Leo.

Leo will compete with Gemini for the “love of the masses”, so Gemini may not want to go down that road unless they’re willing to lose the one they may ultimately love. However, a Leo who commits 100% to a relationship is one that Gemini can count on through trials and tribulations. Leos have a true sense of who they are, and most of the time, will never let someone else define them. This confidence is very appealing and is greatly appreciated by Gemini.

Leo and CancerThe Loyal Lion Meets the Homebody!

These two signs often begin with a solid friendship. They’re positioned side by side in the zodiac and can share similar energies.

Lion and Fancy Pillow
Lion and Fancy Pillow

However, Leo is the social extravert while Cancer is fundamentally an introvert.

Both are, sentimental, romantic, playful and are capable of having a great deal of simple fun together. Leo and Cancer share a creative nature and can easily collaborate on artistic projects.

Cancer tends to be on the moody side at times, whereas Leo rides on the sunny side of life most of the time. Leo will usually help Cancer get out of their funk, however, if Leo feels like this is a constant full time job, then this relationship could be in trouble. On the flip side, if Cancer feels Leo needs constant approval without it ever being returned, this too can cause friction.

Leo and Leo – So How Often Do You Guys Go Toe-to-Toe?

Lion Couple Bedding
Bedding for Two Leo Lions

This relationship can be two big personalities who like to do things in a grand and epic way. They love to love and know how to make each other roar like lions or purr like kittens. Mutual respect and adoration is important to help achieve a long lasting relationship.

Two Leo’s together are an outgoing, energetic, ambitious and focused couple. They both enjoy having and participating in full and active life. However, they should watch they’re spending habits, as both enjoy the luxurious side of life. Leo and Leo need to watch that their ego’s don’t clash and be cautious so as not to come across as arrogant.

This couple shares the love of children, family, and mutually enjoy celebrating birthday’s, anniversaries, and other important events.

Leo and Virgo – Not Sure About You Guys? Can this Work?

Both Leo and Virgo can be counted on to have a strong work ethic. Virgos born in the early part of the sign and Leos born in the

Leo the Lion Bedding for Kids
Leo the Lion Bedding for Kids

late part of their sign share many cosmic traits.

Both Virgo and Leo can be deeply devoted to each other and family. Virgo will be very taken in by Leo’s confidence and pride, but when Leo backs up their talk with a concerted disciplined effort, Virgo becomes the ultimate appreciator of Leo.

Virgo is known to be a realist and as a result can be a little too real for Leo at times, however when Virgo does pay Leo a compliment, Leo appreciates and knows that this compliment comes from a place of bare truth, and ultimately appreciates it that much more.

When Leo and Virgo build a life based on details and family commitment, it can be a match made of long term strength.

Leo and Libra – Maybe Judgemental Libra Sets this Lion off?

3D Lion Wall Decal
3D Lion Wall Decal

Libra’s wealth of creative ideas in a situation is admired by Leo. Libra seeks to find balance and compromise whenever possible, and may have to work against their nature to be judge and jury to do so. Leo, although seeking to be fair with a compassion and a kind heart, can dig in their heels if they perceive their position to be most accurate. These two sides can end up working against each other due to the way they dissect details and create positions.

Although Leo and Libra are both popular and social people who, in public, will make a concerted effort to support each other, may require a concentrated effort in private. If both parties want a dignified relationship with integrity and scruples, then this team may very well be able to work it out.

Both Leo and Libra should make a plan to be less dogmatic in their way of approaching issues. This small adjustment can certainly point them in the direction of a successful relationship, versus one that can fall apart.

Leo and Scorpio – Strong Meets Smart

Leo’s element is Fire and Scorpio’s is Water, however, Scorpio is also known within the zodiac as being an honorary fire sign.

Leo Wine Glass
Leo the Lion Wine Glass

With this couple, if it goes bad, it can potentially go very bad. Both are fighters and the Scorpio sting combined with the roaring lion can result in a serious knock down drag out, win at all costs, battle.

The key to this couple’s success is to try to direct their energies into constructively creating within the relationship. Whether it’s family, business, or a social event, this team can effectively use their power to build.

Leo and Scorpio have a better chance of solid relationship by trusting in each other that they are both capable of making it through the rough times. Speaking of trust, when it comes to love, both jealous Scorpio and Leo need to know they’re exclusive to each other.

Does this relationship sound like yours? Are you both doers who go at it full force on certain issues that you feel strongly about?

Leo and Sagittarius – Friends First for these two? Sound Right?

3D Lion Curtains
3D Lion Curtains

Although Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs, they are distinct on how they approach life. Leo loves fully and completely with their entire heart, and it’s not that Sagittarius doesn’t, but rather whether Leo feels confident that Sagittarius is returning the same depth of love.

Sagittarius is more likely to appreciate new ideas, traveling, a change of scenery, whereas Leo would rather first concentrate on centering and strengthening their lives together. Of course, luxury seeking Leo would also like to travel and go to different places, it’s just that Leo needs a sense of a team and commitment before feeling those journeys should be taken.

A successful relationship would be one where freedom-seeking Sagittarius has openly expressed, and continues to openly express, their total devotion to Leo. The secret here is for Sagittarius to jump into the romance end of the pool as deeply as Leo. Simply put, Leo helps Sagittarius to focus on a task needing completion, such as their relationship or other more practical daily tasks, and Sagittarius helps Leo to let go, to be more spontaneous and free spirited.

By the way, don’t forget this whole page is all in fun!

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