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Jack Vettriano Artwork – Beautifully Funk’N Different

Singing Butler 36x28 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, JackSinging Butler 36×28 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, Jack

Jack Vettriano Artwork – Combining a Contemporary Feel with Nostalgia & a Ton of  Funk’N Originality

Jack Vettriano is a Scottish Painter born with the name “Jack Hoggan” on November 17th, 1951 in the seaside town of Methil, Fife.

His self-taught art earned him the nickname, “The People’s Painter”.

He didn’t take up painting until the 1970’s and even then it was only as a hobby. Apparently it was his girlfriend who bought him a set of Watercolors on his 21st birthday which began his journey into the arts.

His very first painting was under his original name “Jack Hoggan”, and was a copy of Monet’s “Poppy Fields”. He first submitted his work to an Art Exhibition in 1984 at the Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery.

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He received his big break in 1988 when he submitted two pieces to the Royal Scottish Academy annual show, where both pieces sold on the very first day. He was then approached by several other galleries who became interested in his work, and at around that point moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where he changed his name to Jack Vettriano. This name “Vettriano” stems from his mother’s maiden name where he added an “a”.

His art tends to reflect the romantic film noir genre as well as some nude themes. If you had to categorize Vettriano as a painter he would be described as a Contemporary artist. Although he is said to get over six figures for an original piece, apparently he still earns more in reproductions.

The Singing Butler – Jack Vettriano’s Most Famous Painting

In 2004, the Singing Butler (1992) sold at auction for 744,800 pounds smashing the pre-sale estimate of 200,000 pounds. This sale set a world record for a Scottish painting.

Understanding Jack Vettriano’s Style as a Painter

Where his Inspiration Comes From – Jack Vettriano Artwork

In Thoughts of You Framed Print by Jack Vettriano FramedIn Thoughts of You Framed Print by Jack Vettriano Framed

From what I’ve read, understanding Jack Vettriano’s inspiration is not a complicated feat. Being that he is a self-taught, self-made man, real life finds it’s way onto his canvas. That realism allows you to feel the story he’s painted, or imagine the story as you feel the painting.

He is said to have a lifelong obsession with provocative woman dressed in stockings, bright red lipstick and low cut tops. You’ll see some of his art based on this.

Also look for his art to reflect another interest of his, “nostalgia” – He often paints places of the past, (sometimes from his past), dance halls, beach fronts and railroad stations.

Back Where You Belong by Jack Vettriano

What I see here: A time when life seemed simpler. A man and a woman who have been apart for an extended period of time and whose arms ached for that connection they missed so much. They feel almost lucky to be sharing this time; as though being with each other is a rare and precious gift.

Several of Jack Vettriano’s Prints:

Narcissistic Bathers 20x24 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, JackNarcissistic Bathers 20×24 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, JackJack Vettriano Framed Art Print Measures 20x24Jack Vettriano Framed Art Print Measures 20×24Only the Deepest Red II 20x24 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, JackOnly the Deepest Red II 20×24 Framed Art Print by Vettriano, JackBlack Framed Dance Me to the End of Love By Jack Vettriano Art PrintBlack Framed Dance Me to the End of Love By Jack Vettriano Art Print

List of Some of Jack Vettriano’s Work

  • Billy Boys
  • Singing Butler
  • Exit Eden
  • Contemplation of Betrayal
  • Summer Days
  • Dance Me to the End of Love
  • Waltzers
  • Elegy for a Dead Admiral
  • Mad Dogs
  • In Thoughts of You
  • The Missing Man I
  • The Picnic Party II
  • The Missing Man II
  • The Pier
  • The Billy Boys
  • Elegy for a Dead Admiral
  • Birth of a Dream
  • Dancer in Emerald
  • Her Secret Life
  • His Favourite Girl
  • Pincer Movement
  • Night in the City
  • Bluebird at Bonneville
  • The Temptress
  • Blades II
  • Long Time Gone
  • Just Another Day
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Portrait of Gail
  • Saturday Night
  • Queen of the Fan-Dan
  • Cleo and The Boys
  • Evening Racing
  • The Star Cafe
  • A Very Dangerous Beach
  • We Can’t Tell Right From Wrong
  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Amateur Philosophers
  • Right Time, Right Place
  • Narcissistic Bathers
  • A Mutual Understanding
  • The Trap
  • The Master of Ceremonies
  • Pendine Beach

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