Is is bad luck to have a mirror in the bedroom

Is it Bad Luck to Have a Mirror in the Bedroom? πŸͺ¦πŸͺž

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One of the Most Debated and Confusing Issues in Feng Shui is Mirror Placement in the Bedroom

If you travel around the Internet looking for reality versus myth regarding mirrors in the bedroom, you’ll end up as confused as a cow on Astroturf.

Find out if it's bad luck to have a mirror in the bedroom
Is it bad luck to have a mirror in the bedroom?

There are three fundamental beliefs/myths/truths when it comes to mirrors in the bedroom

Why Is it Bad Luck to Have a Mirror in the bedroom?

(1) The Mirror Can Accidentally or on Purpose, Steal Your Soul When You Sleep At Night:

This one stems from the belief that the soul leaves the body when you sleep, and with a mirror in the room, your soul may get confused and return to the mirror rather than the body. Some believe this isn’t an issue unless you’re elderly or fatally ill.

(2) A Mirror in the Bedroom Will Increase the Risk of Infidelity:

This one stems from the belief that a mirror represents a third party in the relationship and becomes a tool of invitation for another person to come between a couple.

(3) A Mirror Where You Can See Your Reflection from the Bed is a No-No:

The explanation is that should you wake up in the middle of the night; you’ll see your reflection and startle yourself or think there’s a ghost or an intruder in the room.

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Is Any of This True? What Should You Do?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight answer for this. Why? Because one person’s truth is another person’s fiction.

So it boils down to your belief system. If you’re passionate about Feng Shui, you’re apt to take these points seriously. If you find it interesting but not believable, then the only thing you’ll get from this article is a good laugh!

You Were Never Concerned about this, But Now You’re a Bit Freaked Out…

Well, if there’s a bit of superstition in your bones, and you already have mirrors in your room, you can cover them at night with a sheet or drapes. Also, they should have a frame around them, should not be beveled, and be one piece versus assembled squares of mirrors.

Hey, I know how you feel … one of my sons has a mirrored closet door in his room directly across from his bed! But I’m certainly not planning to cover those mirrors with drapes (although that could be a cool decorating idea using 3D drapes).

Is There Anything Else I Should Think About When Decorating my Bedroom?

After reading this superstition about mirrors, you may prefer not knowing anything else about Feng Shui and furniture; like is your bed in the coffin position? Don’t read it.

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10 thoughts on “Is it Bad Luck to Have a Mirror in the Bedroom? πŸͺ¦πŸͺž”

  1. Well how very interesting. I currently do not have a mirror in the bedroom but as a traditional rule I used to as my old dresser had one attached to it. As this usually set to the side of the bed though it was not visible from the marriage bed. I wonder if this is a subconscious thing that a person naturally does. Interesting. Love how you bring in these ideas to your articles.

    • Thanks Lorelei, you know I was thinking the same thing wondering if somehow we do these without realizing we’re doing them right according to Feng Shui – maybe we’re in tune with what good energy means without even knowing it

  2. Another interesting thing to ponder, especially if you are working with Feng Shui. I have no mirrors in my bedroom these days, but used to years ago.

  3. Wow! I am really up a creek with this one! I have a full length mirror right next to my bed. I always check my overall appearance before I leave my own room. Good thing I am not superstitious!!! Still, I do find the information on Feug Shui very interesting.

    • Cynthia, lol, well we have a mirror in our room too, so when things go wrong, and in life, they always do from time to time, that mirror is gonna get all the blame now


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