Industrial Decor for the Living and Dining Room

Classic Industrial Decor Pieces for a Living and Dining Room

Are You Unsure of What Combination of Furniture to Put Together to Create an Industrial Décor Look?

Industrial décor takes its style from older urban buildings, factories, and industrial spaces. Many have been converted to lofts.


The materials used in Industrial design include exposed brick, metal, weathered wood, concrete, leather, and studded cloth. The final look encompasses an old-world feel with urban décor.

Design an Industrial space using the above standards or mixing and matching with other styles. Create your look and call it ‘Industrial Eclectic.’

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Historical Designations and Industrial Decor

Urban areas tend to host industrial conversions. Most of the historic industrial buildings targeted for residential re-design are located in urban centers.

Industrial, residential buildings, which include exposed pipes, large open spaces, and grand architectural windows, aim to preserve a percentage of the original structure. For buildings deemed historical, this is mandatory.

As an example, The Foundry Lofts in Toronto, Ontario Canada are Lofts created from the preservation of the original 60-acre Foundry Site. The actual Foundry Loft condos were classified as an industrial heritage site under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2008.

The condos feature many of the typical structural attributes outlined above. They are one of approximately eight heritage designations in the Toronto area.

In Toronto, you’ll find most loft conversions are in historic buildings. However, an older building does not have to have an official historic designation to host loft conversions.

Add Pieces that Fit Your Space and Your Taste

Below is a suggested Living and Dining collection for Industrial Design. Although the items featured are grey, black, white, and neutral, you can still add color with accessories. Add colorful pillows or centerpieces to punch up a room.



Suggested Furniture Layout

A standard layout would be a sitting area with a rug as an anchor or to place the dining furniture in a designated eating area. However, most industrial spaces are not typically shaped, so this approach may not be feasible.

Industrial Decor Ideas for a Living Room Dining Room Combination

Here’s a basic furniture footprint:

  • The Area Rug: Position it in the living room so the furniture can be featured around it
  • The Couch: Put it on one side of the rug (typically, the front two legs of the couch will rest on the carpet)
  • The Chairs: Angle two chairs opposite the couch – If the area rug is large enough, put the chairs so that all the legs are on the carpet. However, if the rug isn’t large enough, place the front two legs of the chairs on the carpet, with the back legs on the floor.
  • The TV Unit: Can be placed to the right or left, near or against the wall, of the rug
  • The SideTable: Can be placed in the back of the couch or up against a wall
  • The Coffee and End Tables: One on each side of the couch and the coffee table in the middle. You can acquire another coffee table between the chairs.
  • The Accessories: Find a home for two table lamps, the wall art and get quite a few pillows interchanging the red and white on the couch and chairs so that the red becomes the needed pop of color. Choose another colorful photo to hang on the wall to add more color.
  • The Dining Room Set: Place it in the Eating Area.

The above design selection, at the time of writing, totals approximately $4000US (taxes not included), making the furnishing of a classy, professional space in a reasonable price range possible versus acquiring expensive designer pieces.

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Western Rustic thrown in would look fantastic in my opinion as well. I’m sure you could DIY the TV stand (I couldn’t lol) but it sounds like something you could handle


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