How to Fill Corner Walls in the Home

7 Ideas to Decorate Corner Walls – Which One Would Work in Your Space?

Completing the look of a room often involves figuring out how to fill the corners. Jamming furniture against the walls can appear stark, however, filling the edges with decorative pieces can help to soften the space.

Seven ideas to decorate corner walls are featured below. Each one offers a link to a professionally designed example of the suggested tip. If you’re a visual person, you’ll want to check them out.

1.  Corner Cabinets

Have you ever seen a curio cabinet tucked in a corner? They fill the space and, of course, soften the room by hiding stark 90-degree angles. Dining rooms are ideal for corner cabinets. When an extensive buffet doesn’t fit, corner cabinets solve the problem. Featured by Caisson Studios are these corner cabinets designed for a Meditteranean decor theme. The designer maximized the space in the small room by positioning the cabinets in two corners.

2. Corner Shelving

Another option is to use the 90-degree angle of a corner for shelving.  Of course, you can also solve the problem of what to do with a tight corner by implementing a similar design to this one featured by Jared Lewis Construction Inc. If that’s not in the budget, then floating shelves are also an excellent solution. They’re easy to install, and more than likely you can do it yourself. The items you feature on the shelf help to fill the corner, or you can go minimalist with just a few things. If you’re a color junkie, install neutral-colored shelves, but feature colorful trinkets and accessories to brighten things up.

3. Corner Wrap-Around-Desk

Bigger budgets allow for bigger ideas. Check out this stunning wrap-around-desk featured by Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography. When decorating an open concept area, a corner desk creates a separation in the space. Whether it’s in a bedroom or a living room, you’re able to establish a two-for-one division of space by merely concentrating on filling a corner with office-related items. When a bulky or larger desk isn’t an option, a floating desk is minimalistic while still offering a functional solution to a tight space.

4. Sectional Wrap-Around Sofa

Wrap-around sofas are an ideal way to fill a corner, especially in a small room. Larger rooms allow you the option of placing the couch in the middle of the space. Smaller rooms are limited in their layouts. Take a look at this contemporary design featured by West Elm UK. It’s compact and thus not overbearing. The benefit of this piece is being able to isolate a seating area within a small open space.

5. Large Plants or Plant Stands

The easiest way to fill a corner is with a large free-standing plant or by featuring multiple smaller plants using a corner plant-stand. Take a look at what large plants in corners look like here in this room design featured by Tamara Mack, If a large plant isn’t your cup of tea, multiple layered plant stands are decorative and offer a way to add a furniture piece as well plants. Have you heard of a ‘Living Wall’? If not, check this out. A living wall is another perfect solution for filling a corner!

6. Corner Fireplace

The most popular use of a corner is a built-in fireplace. Nowadays, it’s common to build the fireplace with numerous storage areas above, around, or below it. Another common decorating choice is to place a TV above the corner fireplace. However, people are getting creative with ways to hide their TVs from view. So putting it above a fireplace isn’t necessarily the first choice anymore.

7. Indoor Waterfall

An indoor waterfall is a fantastic way to fill a corner! With a big budget, you can have a very elaborate waterfall custom made. However, the easier option is to purchase a free-standing waterfall; here’s a stunning unit, and here’s how it looks in an outdoor space featured by Blueworld HOMelements.


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3 thoughts on “7 Ideas to Decorate Corner Walls – Which One Would Work in Your Space?”

  1. I have one open corner and I want all of those things in it 🙂 I have considered shelves for sure, or even a cabinet to store my kitchen small appliances, but a corner desk seems to beckon me. The only thing that has kept me from getting the desk is knowing I would hate sitting for long periods of time with my back to the room. So many wonderful ideas for decorating a corner in a room.

    • Oh my you have me thinking for your corner now, lol. I totally get not wanting your back to the room, I’ve also eliminated things for the reason. If the room permitted it, you could put a desk-to-ceiling mirror in front of the desk – but yah, I get it, I wouldn’t want to be looking at my reflection in that case, haha


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