Small Bedroom Space

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

There are several easy ways to maximize space in a small bedroom. Outlined below are a few suggestions to help you tackle that tiny room. There’s more space than you think.

Strategically Using Beds

Most of us know the general rule in decorating a small bedroom is to go vertical. In other words, using loft beds or bunk beds that combine sleeping with either storage, desk space or both. With one giant piece of furniture doubling or tripling it’s function, you’ve virtually solved your small bedroom issues.

You’ll notice in the little girl’s room featured below that not only has bed storage been utilized, but also floor to ceiling cupboard storage. Don’t feel you can’t take cupboards to a ceiling in a small room – you absolultey can. Even it’s not a high ceiling, you can still work floor to ceiling with cupboards.

However, not everyone wants a loft bed or bunk bed in their small room.

If that’s the case you can choose a bed with built-in storage drawers, or you can manually add a bed skirt organizer.

If the room is strictly a guest room or a young person’s room, you can always resort to the ‘ole standard, a trundle day bed. That’s right, don’t just use a standard daybed, use a daybed that has another bed built in. When the kids have company, there’s a place to accommodate that sleepover.

Here’s a visual on how a trundle day bed can fit into a very small space. Every corner has been utilized efficiently. From the cupboards, to the desk to the window seat. This particular daybed may not be a trundle, however, it’s another option if you require additional sleeping space.

Use Wall Space Efficiently

If the room is narrow, and you’ve only space for a bed on the wall and end tables on the side of the bed, then use the entire wall behind the bed as storage. Check out the stunning example of managed space in the photo below. On each side of the bed are substantial end tables with several drawers, then built above each end-table is additional storage to the ceiling. It’s a practical way to solve the space problem in a tiny room.

If hiring a professional to build you a wall unit isn’t possible, then check out Ikea for funky build-your-own storage cabinets. Once you have an idea of what it is you’re looking for, it’s simply a matter of finding what works for you.

Does the Room Have a Closet?

A closet is known for it’s wasted space. Installing or having a custom made closet storage system may not be in cards. However, if you’re even able to install a ready made closet organizer it will make a huge difference in managing storage space.

Here’s a DIY Tip: If you have any unused dressers in the house, put them in the closet in your small room. That’ll give you you’re own DIY closet organizer. Place the dresser to one side and leave the other side clear for longer clothing items.

Use the space above the dresser for shorter items. Depending upon the height of the dresser, you could still use the hanging rod above the dresser. Or simply fold items, like jeans on top of the dresser. You could also use the top of the dresser for toiletries and supplies. The options are almost endless.

If you’re a neat and tidy sort, you could also remove the closet doors and use the back wall of the closet for a small flat screen tv. It truly depends on the things you own and what your needs are.

Storage on the Back of the Bedroom Door

There are numerous items you can purchase that provide organizational options for the back of a door. You’ve probably seen the ones commonly used to store shoes. There are numerous other choices as well. You can even find back of the door storage for small clothing items. If you’re looking to be inspired, check out these storage door systems.

In summary, the most important thing is to start with a plan. Look around your home and see what items you have that can be re-used in your small room and then go from there.

It’s ok to take your time. It’s best never to rush a decorating project. When it’s finally finished, you’ll love it.

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