Ideas on How to Decorate a Small Balcony

How to Decorate a Small Balcony

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Bring a Small Balcony to Life

Small condos or home balconies don’t have to be blah. Looking at an unattractive surface can be intimidating, but there’s a way to approach your balcony decor project without feeling overwhelmed.

Tackle your design in stages.

Don’t start with furniture and accessories. Instead, begin with the larger project in mind and the more significant areas: Flooring, walls, and railing.

Flooring for a Small Balcony:

Decide what you want on your balcony floor. Essentially there are three popular choices, rugs, waterproof wood/faux wood flooring, or paint.

1. Weatherproof Interlock Tiles or Treated Wood Planks

Balcony Wood Plank Flooring

If you consider yourself a handy person or have someone in your life who is handy, choosing weatherproof tiles or wood planks will give your balcony that professional touch.

2. Weatherproof Area Rugs

If putting down flooring is too extensive, an outdoor weatherproof area rug is the next logical choice. Your area rug doesn’t have to be neutral. If you prefer colorful decor, go ahead and choose a bright rug for your balcony floor.

3. Paint the Balcony Floor

Before you tackle painting the balcony floor, be sure you’re allowed. Condominium corporations have rules and bylaws, so you’ll want to check first. Also, most balcony floors are concrete. Thus it would help if you used concrete paint.

Dress Up the Balcony Walls

Use Artificial Foliage

Of course, you can also create a wall with live foliage; however, the product featured in the video below is a more straightforward process.

The interconnecting artificial foliage panels are designed to create privacy in yards. However, If you have a large boring concrete wall on your balcony, these panels can provide texture, interest, and depth. Here’s a helpful video on how to use them. You can get the panels here.

Add Comfortable Chairs or Small Couches

When looking at the blank canvas of a balcony, we rarely think about adding a soft, comfortable waterproof couch or chair. Of course, you can go the route of standard patio furniture but don’t believe you’re limited to that for one minute. A soft, cozy couch can add warmth and create an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

If the piece you choose isn’t waterproof, purchase an outdoor furniture cover to protect it from the elements.

Take a look at your space and decide just how big you want your furniture to be. You can find smaller pieces like the one featured above that will slide nicely into a corner or fit into a narrow width.

An Egg Swing Chair makes an ideal addition to a small balcony. Where traditional patio swings are too large, these individual swings make a cozy alternative. Check out my review of these incredibly comfortable chairs.

Add Greenery, Flowers and Accessories

Balcony Flowers and Greenery

Once the more prominent areas are dealt with, the next important aspect is the accessories. The finishing touches pull the entire vision together, so don’t skimp on the little things.

  1.  Add plants and flowers in multiple colors or ones that fit your color scheme.
  2.  Pillows add comfort and softness.
  3.  Put photos up on the walls. Use themed photos such as beach scenes or prints that tie into your chosen theme.
  4.  Lighting is critical – Add lights in the form of candles, solar, or string lights if you’ve added a tall plant, string lights on it.

Last but not least, don’t rush your small balcony décor project. Take your time and carefully choose the items you genuinely want. Again, start with the floors, walls, and railings, then go from there.

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  1. Great ideas Barbara, we just installed a mirror on one wall of our balcony. That way we can catch the sunset two ways. It also helps to eliminate the feel of a wall between the two balconies. I have a small table under it and have tall planters with colorful plants that seem to double as you look at the mirror. It works great!


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