Hidden Storage Ideas for a Small Living Room

Hidden Storage Ideas to Help You With a Limited Living Room Space

Working with a small space can be fun. Finding or creating hidden storage areas in unique spots can almost take on a game like atmosphere. Just about everything we put in a Living Room can have some form of storage or another.


Most of us are aware of bed sofas, however there is such a thing as a Storage Sofa. With a storage sofa, the seat lifts up and you’re able to store items inside. The size of a sofa makes it ideal to store bulky items such as blankets and pillows, or multiple items such as books and games.


Just like sofas, you can find chairs that have built in storage. Again, the seat lifts up and inside you’re able to store items. Get creative and use it for just about anything; files, pillows, small soft toys, and even baby supplies. Check out this stylish storage chair.


Ottomans are a popular place to store items for the living room. They come in multiple designs, so depending upon the size and style of the one you choose you’ll have more or less space. Some Ottomans are designed completely for storage without any drawers or shelves. If you’re not into the traditional storage ottoman, check this one out, it has storage underneath and slide outs on the sides.

Storage End Tables

End tables with storage come in a wide variety of designs. Some styles offer simple storage to place books or supplies inside. If you want something a little different, perhaps on the rustic side you’ll want to take a peak at these trunk end tables. You can also get a little funkier with pet end tables. These double as an indoor pet crate or a place for your pet to snooze.

Coffee Tables

Again, there are many choices available when you’re looking for a storage coffee table. Some have a double purpose where you can store things inside, while others have added lift tables for computer use or eating. Depending on how small your space is, or whether you have room for a dining table, a lift coffee table may be something to consider.

TV Storage Units

This one is rather obvious. If your room has space for some type of a tv stand, that is an excellent space to store items. You don’t have to choose a tall unit. Some units are low to the floor and others can even be wall mounted. Again, what to choose depends on your room’s size.

Storage Hampers and Baskets

If you need a place to store toys, a lovely wicker storage hamper or pretty stackable baskets can look lovely as an accessory in a room. With a small living room you won’t be able to store all the kid’s toys, however if you like to have a few toys available in the living space, then using a basket system is both minimalistic and decorative.


Did you know you can put a mirror in a room that comes with hidden storage. When you open the mirror there’s a place to put things. What a great spot for wine glasses!

End Table that Doubles as a Lamp and Storage

The Hokkaido end table lamp with drawer is perfect when you need the top of your end table free for another purpose. With the lamp built into the table you won’t necessarily need a table lamp. However, the ambient light from the lighted end table may not be enough, so you could also opt for standing end table lamps.

Have fun going small !

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