Harry Potter Crib Sets

A Harry Potter Crib Set – Spellbound Decor

Harry Potter Baby Bedding
This Crib Set was by BedHogShop – It currently shows as unavailable, however you can always ask BedHogShop if another can be custom made.

Complete a Harry Potter Themed Nursery with a Magical Harry Potter Crib Set

To get a top quality crib set you’ll want to look at the small Etsy Shop owners featured here. These creative crib set designers have put together numerous beautiful and artistic pieces that would look outstanding in any baby’s room.

As you click through, you’ll acquire information on each Harry Potter Crib Set. Once there you’ll notice these Sellers have received numerous positive reviews for their excellent, detailed original work.

It’s hard to compete with a handmade, custom made crib set: They’re personal, unique, and best of all they make an incredible keepsake. As baby grows, keep this set with their baby-box items so they can pass it down to their children.Harry Potter Flying Keys Crib Set by SuiteBabyHarry Potter Flying Keys Crib Set by SuiteBaby
You could also find ways to continue to use some of the pieces of a Harry Potter Crib Set beyond just bedding – as an example, once baby is done with the quilt, pin it up as featured wall art.

Since these sets are made to order, you can get specific with exactly what it is you need; if that seller is able to meet that request, you’ll find yourself owning a crib set that’s even more personal.

Etsy Store Owner BedBugsCreations Also Makes a Gorgeous Harry Potter Baby Bedding Set

Harry Potter Crib Bedding
Harry Potter Crib Bedding by BedBugsCreations

BedBugsCreations baby bedding sets are original and popular. When you visit the Harry Potter Baby Bedding Set by BedBugsCreations, take a peek  at the rest of the creative baby bedding she custom makes. Simply put, they’re gorgeous.

Also take note that Sellers on Etsy who make products in a Smoke Free home will generally indicate that fact on their product page.

In the case of the two Sellers featured here, both have stipulated a smoke free environment on their product page. However, if by chance you don’t see that claim, or it’s been removed, be sure to double check with the Sellers directly. It’s being pointed out here in case that’s an important consideration for you.

The Harry Potter Crib Set by BedBugCreation includes the Quilt, Dust Ruffle (in 4 pieces), a Sheet, and a Pillow. However, be sure to check with the Seller directly as this can change. In case you require additional themed pieces for your Harry Potter Room, also listed on the sale page is other matching items and their associated prices.

Note: For those of you wanting to Support Products Made in the USA, both BedBugsCreations and BedHogShop are USA Shop Owners – you’ll be supporting USA small business.

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