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Gemini Symbol Art – The Chatty Twins

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Gemini Symbol Art, Prints & History

The Gemini constellation is one of the more easily recognizable in the heavens.

Dating back to prehistory, the symbol of Gemini represents two stick figures said to represent the Roman number “two.” This was the Spartan symbol for the twin gods.

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Hence, we know this symbol as the “Twins” sign denoting its bearer with the tag “twin personality.” The Gemini Symbol is the “child” of the Zodiac.

Geminis have two personalities. The widespread consensus is that a Gemini can change their mind as often as they change clothes. Gemini is blessed with the gift of gab. They speak fast and fluently. They also possess an abundance of energy.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Those born under this sign tend to get bored quickly. They prefer stimulating ideas with things to do.

Gemini Symbol Art is the most common type of home decor when you’re looking to decorate a room based on your zodiac sign. However, there are many other creative Gemini decorating ideas.

History says the names of the Gemini Twins were Castor and Pollux. Their mother, Leda, had them from different fathers. Yes, that’s right, twins with different fathers. Leda conceived the twins on the same night. One twin was from her hubby (Castor) and thus a mortal. The other is from Zeus (Pollux) and, therefore, immortal.

The story of Castor and Pollux is, however, a love story. Castor’s talent was the ability to give love. He was also very good with horses. Pollux’s predominant trait was his immortal powers. Castor and Pollux both fought in the Trojan War to help bring back their sister Helen to her hubby.

Caster died and left Pollux with a broken heart. Pollux begged Zeus to let Castor have the immortality Castor had. Zeus granted Pollux’s request, and the constellation in the heavens is where you can find Castor and Pollux living eternally as the immortal twins.

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