How to decorate a small condo and keep it bright and open

How to Furnish a Small Condo and Keep it Bright and Open

Unlike living in a standard-sized home, a small condo requires a different approach when choosing furnishing and lighting.

If you’ve ever entered a model condo, you’ve more than likely felt impressed at ‘how big it feels.’ Well, decorators work hard at choosing the right pieces to help create that feeling.

When decorating a small condo, take what you’ve learned about decorating a large home and essentially toss it out the window.

Here are some essential tips on how to decorate a small condo:

Keep Your Furniture Open at the Base

When shopping for couches and chairs, choose only those that have legs on them. Furniture that comes to the floor, or has a skirt on it that goes to the floor will create a closed-in feeling. Don’t waste your time hunting for the wrong furniture; choose opened bottom pieces.

Also, be sure to select furniture that’s scaled to fit. As an example, standard size sofas are 42 to 46 inches deep, and that’s simply too big for small-sized condos. Sofas for smaller condos typically measure 36 inches deep, and you should gear your choices to that size.

Choose Floating TV Stands and Cabinets to Keep Items off the Floor

You’ll have open-bottomed furniture; however, if you clutter up the limited floor area with bulky cabinets and closed-bottom end-tables, you’ll take away size from your already limited sized space.

As an example, choose a floating TV stand so you’ll have storage for your TV paraphernalia. Your TV set can easily be wall-mounted above the stand. With the floor clear below the stand, you’ve added to that open feeling.

Remember, the objective is to be able to see as much of the floor as you can. That includes open under the tables, the sofas and chairs. Being able to see most of the floor creates not only a cleaner flowing sense of openness, but it also allows the light to flow through the room, thus adding to the brightness of the space.

Choose Non-Bulky Lighting that You Can See Through

If you’re planning to add a ceiling light fixture above your Dining Table, choose one that’s light in color and weight, but most importantly, one that you’re able to see through no matter where you’re standing in the space. With a visually clear light, you add to the openness by not having a bulky piece that blocks any other part of the room.

Also, choose table lamps without large lampshades. Lampshades can close in a space. There are several modern lamps you can include that brighten a space without overpowering it.

You don’t have to position lamps on either side of a sofa either. If there’s enough overhead lighting, place a lamp as an added accent to a credenza or one of your floating cabinets.

Suggested pieces for a small apartment:

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