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When shopping for a creative gift for a friend of mine, my first thought upon seeing this was…no, this is not an actual product is it! By the way, it’s not a play on words; the item is called ‘The WineRack’ ! Yep, that’s a funny wine holder … quite the way to haul wine isn’t it?

Well, hold on to your straps, because, yes, this is in fact a sports bra designed to hold your favorite beverage. So being able to put wine in your bra is …an added bonus maybe?

Certainly if you’re very outdoorsy, this can be useful. Not only do you stay hydrated, but you also start your walk or run off being a little more valuptuous and by the end of your exercising routine you’ve visually dropped some weight! (lol)

Depending on how you view ‘The Winerack’, it can be given as a serious gift, or for those trying to make a funny statement about someone’s wine drinking habits, can also be given as a gag gift. This is certainly a comical secret santa gift that will no doubt make a few people in the room laugh out loud.

Here are some of the features of ‘The Winerack’ or more politely, the ‘Sports Hydration Bra’

  • It holds about 25 ounces of your beverage of choice – That’s about 3 cups
  • It comes in Medium and Small and fits a range of busts in those size categories
  • The storage compartment is removable and is made of polyurethane
  • The drinking tube is made to reach your mouth and has an on and off control
  • To clean it, detach the bladder compartment to hand wash it, but you can machine wash the bra itself

Well, let’s hope the person I’m choosing this crazy gift for isn’t reading this right now!

Well I have to admit, after watching the above video demonstration of The WineRack Bra they do have some additional creative and valid uses for it! A couple of suggestions made: Sporting Events, the Movies.. BUT they qualified their suggestion by saying they are not condoning sneaking in prohibited beverages! (lol)

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