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Funky Custom Made Furniture for the Creative Thinker Who Lives Outside all Boxes!

If You’re Looking for Funky Custom Furniture, You’ve Landed Here for a Reason

Custom Painted End Table by LisaFrickCustom Painted End Table by LisaFrickYou’ve just saved time. Why? Because here at Funkthishouse, I’m on the hunt for wild and funky items to feature, so you don’t have to run around the internet like a chicken wearing tap shoes.

Today, you’re in luck, as Lisa Frick’s incredible work qualifies as funky funky funky! The colors and detail bring her pieces to cartoon-life; they’re gorgeous!

It’s not an exaggeration to say I spend many hours scouring the internet to find the funkiest items with pop and punch. The ones that trigger an initial ‘holy cow’ response find their way here or are shared socially. So, be sure to follow, and also check out some of Lisa’s work below.

Funky Has a Wide Range

Funky carries a different meaning for everyone. If your definition of funky means bright colors with an animated feel, then you’ll love these. Easily mix these pieces with other themes. One of the popular themed concepts is Nightmare Before Christmas Decor, and these funky custom furniture pieces featured here would fit nicely.

The bright colors make all of the pieces suitable for a room where a punch of interest is needed or for a full-on themed-out space where artsy-wild-fun leads the way.

How many of us have been at a loss, trying to decide how we can make our child’s room unique? It’s sometimes difficult to be brave with color, even when we want to. However, deciding upon a few vital funky pieces makes decorating that space much more straightforward.ย Just choose one piece to get started and take the colors from that piece and use them as the steering wheel for the rest of the room.

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Mixing Patterns? Give it to me, Quick & Simple!

If you mix patterns, the biggest thing to remember isย ‘scale’ and to limit the number of different designs in a room to three to five.

The general rule is, you can mix patterns, but be sure the designs are not in the same size family. As an example, a larger printed pillow can be combined with a smaller printed pillow within the same color base for the room. However, break it up with a solid colored pillow if the patterns are too much and too close together. Watch the Featured Video: A quick overview of mixing patterns by Emily Henderson (it’s brief and helpful).

Here are a Few of Lisa Frick’s Designs

Funky Custom Made Dressor & End TableFunky Custom Made Dressor & End TableFunky Custom Hand Painted Side TableFunky Custom Hand Painted Side TableFunky Custom Hand Painted Table & ChairsFunky Custom Hand Painted Table & ChairsFunky Custom Made Child's Table & ChairsFunky Custom Made Child’s Table & Chairs

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16 thoughts on “Funky Custom Made Furniture for the Creative Thinker Who Lives Outside all Boxes!”

  1. How fun! Love the colors, love the patterns, love the funk of the furniture! The video is excellent and really demonstrates well how to mix patterns.

    • Susan, thanks for stopping by – Isn’t it though, love her work! What a terrific special gift idea for someone special too

  2. Oh, wow! The featured tables are gorgeous! I’m not even sure which I like best. That round table & chairs would be the perfect addition to a game room. It would make a great card table as well as a very impressive piece(s) of furniture.

    • Cynthia, thanks for stopping by – totally agree, and I especially love those dressers – so much decorating fun could be had with this much color

  3. What fun it can be to decorate with bright colors for a cute and funky look, especially in a kid’s room. When my children were small, I took two small 4-drawer dressers I’d found used through ‘thrifting/garage sales’ and painted one blue with green drawers and blue knobs and the other the same way in yellow and orange – one for the son’s room and one for the daughter’s room. And I didn’t even know at the time that I was creating a ‘funky’ look. LOL.

    • Pat, thanks as well for stopping by – those furniture pieces must have been really cute, and what a terrific memory too – decorating with color can be a little intimidating, but when done correctly, it can certainly create a one-of-a-kind space can’t it? Yep you were ahead of your time ๐Ÿ™‚ – When I was a young girl, my mother bought real wood doll furniture for me and hand painted it – I had a complete doll house (stove, fridge, cradles all done with the love of my mother’s hands) – it was painted purple, orange and other colors too – I used to play ‘house’ in there with my dolls ALL the time ๐Ÿ™‚ – Mom also hand painted my bedroom furniture, purple, pink and white – it’s no wonder I love color today! Although I’m guilty of being a little traditional in my decorating style sometimes – our master bedroom is getting an over haul soon, so I’m giving thought to the colorful approach I want to take

  4. This type of funky furniture is all the rage where I live. I’m more traditional, but for a whimsical piece it would be great.

    • Heather thanks for stopping by as well ๐Ÿ™‚ – have to agree, even adding one whimsical piece can add fun to a space


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