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Funky Creativity with Faux Window Art

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Faux Window Wall Decal of Colorado Rockies by KcustomDesignFaux Window Wall Decal of Colorado Rockies by KcustomDesign

How to Increase the Size of a Closed-In Space Using Faux Window Art

There is no doubt, we all have a windowless space or closed in the area in our home or office. If you’re at a loss as to how to open the space up, then you really should consider a Faux Window.

In the photo to the left, the person at this desk doesn’t have to stare at a blank wall. In fact, by placing it slightly more at sitting eye level, this relaxing scene may inspire a little unexpected creativity.

If you have a smaller bedroom in your home, as we do, you can put one of these above the bed. Our son is in the middle of choosing his favorite scene with plans to do just that. There are many faux window scenes to choose from. If you’re a beach lover, then choose a beach scene.

You’re not limited to just tropical and beach scenes either; look for mountain scenes, cabin scenes, river scenes, city scenes, sky scenes, and so many more.

You’ll see an exciting way to create a winter scene in your home by using a faux window. If you’re one of those people located in a warmer climate who misses ‘Christmas Snow,’ then you can certainly fill that void very inexpensively with fake window art. When the season is over, remove it.

Also, if you’re stuck for a gift, this particular type of art is a terrific choice. We have a family member who longs for the beach after her holiday is finished, and Faux Window Beach Art is a perfect choice for her – can’t wait ’til she opens this one!

Below you’ll find a few other popular faux windows to choose from.

T-Rex Open Window Wall Decal by StylesofLifeT-Rex Open Window Wall Decal by StylesofLifeLighthouse Window Wall Decal by StylesofLifeLighthouse Window Wall Decal by StylesofLife

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  1. Barbara, my husband and I were just talking about doing something like this the other day! You’ve sure got some wonderful choices here. I’d happy look at that first one with the beautiful mountains all day!


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