Funky Colorful Pillows

Funky Colorful Pillows for Crazy Color Lovers

Photo: Funky Colorful Pillows

I created this WaCkY OnLine ShoPPing SpOT,,  because I’m a crazy fan of colorit just cheers me up! … So there’s no time like the present to introduce you to some of my own design creations that you can find at ‘Finding Gifts

Many of you may already be Zazzlers, but in case you’re not, it’s a way to artistically express yourself without the pain in the rear-end expense of opening a brick and mortar store! You simply go ahead and put your artistic abilities to work then create your own Zazzle Store to promote it!

Funky Colorful Pillows

Color just makes me smile, and I’ll bet it makes you smile as well, because why else would you be here looking for funky colorful pillows to add to your decorating scheme?

When I created this next pillow design, called ‘Popsicle Madness‘ I was looking to achieve a feeling of brightness, but a multicolored brightness with a touch of softness mixed into it.

I wanted the feeling to be cheerful but ‘cheerful from a distance’. The name I came up with worked perfectly for the overall concept.. a melting Popsicle of colors fading into each other – So here it is:


Funky Colorful Pillow Called Popsicle Madness


Here’s my next design, called ‘A Touch of Purple’:  Naming these designs is as much fun as creating them! There’s barely any purple in this colorful bright funky pillow so that’s how it’s name came to be!

You’ll notice on the bottom right there’s just a ‘touch of purple’ – Love calling it something that doesn’t reflect the bold, mixed-up colors that make this piece interesting and a little nutz!

As I was designing it, I worked until the greens overtook the piece but the black pops you see were intentional…just to give it a hint of severity so the softer tones could be anchored.


Funky Checkered Pillow with a Touch of PurpleCheckered Pillow with a Touch of Purple by FindingGifts

Girly Girl

By the way, the funky pillow I used to feature at the top of this page is a piece I lovingly refer to as ‘Girly Girl’ – It’s not overtly feminine but it’s colors and pattern are meant to reflect the power, uniqueness, gentle hands, strength and know-how that Girls have to offer! Here it is again:

If you’d like to see more of my funky colorful design creations, you can find them at my store,

Hope you enjoyed my designs! Thanks for the visit!

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