Is it bad luck if your front and back doors are aligned?

Is it Bad Luck if the Front and Back Doors are Directly Aligned

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For decades, being in the real estate industry, this Feng Shui rule of front and back doors directly aligned was brought up often. Whether from fellow realtors or clients, front and rear door alignment was a pertinent issue for specific buyers.

Before we proceed, door alignment also applies to back sliding doors and walkouts. If the front and back doors are such that you can see one directly from the other, in Feng Shui, that means they’re aligned.

If you’re encountering this issue in either a purchase or a sale, let’s examine it a little further.

To Understand Door Alignment, We Must First Understand the Flow of Chi

What is Chi? Chi is another word for energy.

Every person or thing on the planet emits energy, and the goal of Feng Shui in home décor is to ensure a clear positive flow of that energy. In other words, in home décor, the aim is to create good flow, which is good Chi, which is, of course, good energy for the home and its occupants.

Think of Chi as Water

If water was released into your home, how would it flow? Would it get blocked or pool in an area, or would it flow quickly through the front door and directly out the back door?

With water being the Chi in this visual, the water should flow in a balanced, consistent, harmonious way. In other words, you are nourishing each aspect of the home.

Now, let’s get a little more dramatic.

Think of Chi as money. The stark energy of fully open space with directly aligned front and back doors says money will leave you as quickly as earned. In other words, the money comes in the front door and goes straight out the back.

Front and Back Doors Directly Aligned: How Can You Improve Your Door Alignment Chi?

Let’s face it; our homes are our homes, so we can’t just up and leave because of Feng Shui. Not to worry, there are some fundamental tips when you have direct door alignments that you can employ to ‘slow down the flow of energy:

  • Break up the direct path by putting a round foyer table with flowers or other Feng Shui appropriate ornaments.Round Table and Flowers
  • If your front door aligns with a back slider patio door, position a large floor plant near the window patio door area to again, break up the straight line flow.Front Door and Back Door Alignment Feng Shui Solutions
  • Position furniture to break up or slow down energy flow from the front to the back of your home. Depending on your home’s design that could be a full living room seating area, just a chair, or even a large floor lamp. It could also be a kitchen counter area with stools, or a reading nook to one side. Your home’s design will dictate your solution.
    Does your front door align with the back door
  • Work to create an even distribution of energy. When people come into your home, their immediate instinct shouldn’t be to head for the back door. Have you created an inviting space where people linger in a balanced way from area to area? Watching people and how they walk, gather and socialize in your home is another way to gage whether the Chi, or flow of energy, is positive.

Contrary to what I experienced in real estate, it’s no longer necessary to rule out homes where direct door alignment is an issue for certain people. If buyers or sellers are willing, the solution is to improve the Chi, using the above as a guideline.

It Boils Down to How You Feel and What You Believe

If door alignment isn’t on your radar and never has been, then go with what feels best for you. The essential aspect of Feng Shui is your personal feelings. Feelings are energy, and if something makes you uncomfortable, that only promotes negative energy, so don’t do it. Take the good, and feel good.

Wishing you only good Chi.

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5 thoughts on “Is it Bad Luck if the Front and Back Doors are Directly Aligned”

  1. Interesting ways to break up the flow from front door to back door. What if the opposite front and back doors are interrupted by a wall between two separate rooms? Does that count?

    • Pat, yes, if the you don’t have line of site to the back doors (be it patio doors or a regular door), then that’s not a direct alignment. In my home the door is on an angle going into the foyer, and although the patio doors are in the kitchen at the back of the house, you can’t see them from the front door, so again, they’re not directly aligned.

  2. Very interesting article! Since I have never truly considered Feng Shui, I guess this isn’t an issue for me. Still, I couldn’t help but think how I’ve never liked having a back door directly across from my front door. I don’t know if it counts in Feng Shui or not, but my solution is to deadbolt and never use that back door. I treat it as a window instead of a door.


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