Trunks that Look Like End Tables

End Tables that Look Like Trunks

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Storage Space, Creative Décor and Funky Style – Check Out These Beauties

Create the look of organization, originality, and sophistication by including end tables that look like trunks in your home’s decor. Whether you prefer a traditional end-table trunk or something more rustic, you can find a design that fits.

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If space is tight, you’ll want to consider trunk end tables for added storage. Items such as books, blankets, pet supplies, pens, and paper, can easily be stored. Depending upon the style of the trunk end table, you could also use it to store electronic devices such as chargers and laptops.

End Tables That Look Like Trunks – With Legs and an Open Base, Or Full to the Floor

You’ll notice the various designs to choose from: Some have legs with the trunk portion sitting off the floor and thus have a more open feel, and others are more like trunks that go directly to the floor.

If you’re torn between which is best for your space, here are a few guidelines to follow to help you determine which is best:

Open Bottom – Has Legs

This style is best reserved for a smaller space in that the open base helps to create the look of more space. If your furnishings are relatively close together, end tables and a coffee table with an open base can give the impression of more openness in the area where the furniture is situated. In other words, even if the room is larger, but the furniture is positioned together in a tiny area, open legs are a good idea. However, this isn’t a hard and fast décor rule; if your end tables are not visible from the room’s entryway, a full-based trunk end table would also work. If you can only see the trunk from specific areas, and it’s not front and center to the room, go for it. The real question is, ‘how does the room look from the points of entry.’

Closed Bottom – Trunk Goes to the Floor

The obvious benefit to a closed bottom is the extra storage space you tend to get. Full trunk end-tables that go to the floor are ideal in more substantial, open rooms. They contribute to making a spacious room feel less vast. The trouble with large open spaces is bringing intimacy, coziness, and warmth into the area; thus, solid trunks can help alleviate that.

Which Décor is Best for Trunk End Tables

End tables that look like trunks offer a luxurious industrial, cottage-like feel to a room. They’re an ideal choice for larger rooms.

A cottage’s large open living area is ideal for trunk end tables. The cottage atmosphere is casual, fun, and relaxing, and trunk end tables offer these features.

However, don’t discount end tables that look like trunks in more sophisticated spaces; it’s more about blending classy with casual that dictates whether they’ll work together. For example, if you’re decorating a front room (living room) with chic (formal) furnishings, look to blend the color palettes of the primary décor items with the end tables and add them to areas of the room not directly adjacent to the couch. Put them in corners, between two chairs, beside a cabinet as an accent, and so on.

You can find trunk end tables in colors other than brown and black. Subtle blending is best for your formal space, don’t go overboard with too many trunk pieces, and you’re sure to find a way to include at least one piece in any area.

Lastly, don’t forget trunk end tables are a perfect addition to a bedroom. Just make sure the height of the end table reaches up to your top mattress.

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