End Tables that Look Like Books

End Tables that Look Like Books

Book Lovers Beware – The Creative Idea of Book Themed End Tables May be Hard to Resist

Uniquely designed end-tables can transform a room from a basic space to one with conversational interest and artistic appeal.

View the Book-Designed EndTables Below or Directly on Their Product Page Here

They’re also a terrific way to punch-up a space with furniture art. Art on the wall isn’t the only way to bring original designs into a room; do the trick and also serve a practical purpose.

Use different end tables for each side of a piece of furniture. One can create offset too much balance when ‘matchy-matchy’ isn’t your thing. Or, as mentioned below, use them in unconventional places where only one is necessary.

End Tables that look like books don’t have to be restricted to living room use; here are other ways you incorporate them into your home:

As part of a Book Themed Bedroom for the avid reader in the family

In a reading room, office, home library or study area to enhance the intellectual aspect of the space

Include them in the Master Suite to add color and interest

Use it as a Foyer or Hallway table

Fill a corner in need ‘of something’ with this creative table and a lamp

Add one as the sole grown-up piece in a nursery, perhaps beside the rocking chair (not a glass table)

End Tables that look like books are also an original gift-giving idea: An end table that looks like books may qualify as a unique wedding gift ever! You can be almost certain that the loving couple doesn’t have one these.

When the reader in your life has all the books they could ever want, the next best thing is book-themed furniture and accessories.

An end-table designed around books is just the right gift. Most people can easily find a way to use it somewhere in their home. If it doesn’t match the theme in one particular room, it can easily be added to just about any other area, as outlined above.

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